Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster Jack Morris knows why the Red Sox were able to beat the Blue Jays, 10-1, on Wednesday, and surprisingly, it had nothing to do with Boston's five homers.

No, it was Clay Buchholz's spit.

Morris, a former standout pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, and the Blue Jays, told ESPN he sussed out Buchholz's spitball while watching a replay of the game Thursday.

Buchholz denied it, saying he had wet hair and rosin on his arm. "There probably are stains on my shirt, because I've been wearing the same shirt for the last three years." (OK, yuck.)

Morris who was arguably the best pitcher of his era, but has been inexplicably kept out of the Hall of Fame, said he couldn't prove anything, but took the opportunity to point out that admitted spitballer Gaylord Perry is in Cooperstown.

Sanguine souvenir. This vampire craze has gone too far - the Cincinnati Reds auctioned off a baseball stained with the blood of Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija, who was cut reaching for a comebacker on April 24. The bidding closed Friday at $130.01, according to ESPN. (No truth to the rumor that it was from Edward and Bella.)

Oldtimer's day. Septuagenarian Washington skipper Davey Johnson took BP with his team before its game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park, to show the kids it's not all that hard to hit. In what he said was his first time in the cage in 25 years, Johnson, who hit 43 homers for Atlanta in 1973, took about 40 hacks.