76ers rookie Ben Simmons had bone marrow injected into his right foot Monday morning at the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York.

Simmons is sidelined this season after having suffered a Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot on Sept. 30. The inside portion of the bone has yet to fully heal.

The bone marrow was injected into an unhealed area as a way to "stimulate bone growth and accelerate healing."  The Sixers said he's likely to resume normal training by the end of this week.

A bone marrow injection is not commonly used, but is an accepted method for treating a fracture that is not healing well. Getting a bone graft would be an alternative. That, however, would require surgery. Bone-marrow procedures can be done with a needle.

In other news, Jerryd Bayless (ligament tear in left wrist) is expected to have his cast removed next week. He should begin wrist therapy and rehabilitation at that point. Another Sixer - Tiago Splitter - remains out indefinitely while he receives treatment for a right calf strain.

Sixers waive Bogut

The team released Andrew Bogut on Monday, four days after acquiring him in a trade from the Dallas Mavericks.

The Sixers picked up Bogut, swingman Justin Anderson and top-18 protected first-round pick in exchange for Nerlens Noel. They were expected to buyout Bogut's contract. However, they decided to release him instead.  Bogut is expected to sign a free-agent deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.