A look at the staggering financial losses - totaling an estimated

$142 million - incurred by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (Vick also has been sued by three banks for alleged defaults on a total of $5.8 million in loans):

* Salary in the final seven seasons of his Falcons contract, which the team is expected to terminate when salary-cap ramifications are resolved: $71 million

* Endorsement income lost over the next decade, according to

an estimate by the University of Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center: $50 million

* Previously paid bonuses that an arbitrator has ruled the Falcons can recoup from Vick (a ruling currently being reviewed by U. S. District Judge David Doty in Minneapolis): $19.97 million

* Escrow: Funds Vick put into an escrow account, as part of his plea agreement, to fund the care of about 54 pit bulls found on his property: $928,073

Total: $141,898,073

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution