1 Drew Brees, Saints: Leapfrogged over Peyton Manning by outdueling him in the Super Bowl.

2 Peyton Manning, Colts: 366 career TD passes and still going strong.

3 Philip Rivers, Chargers: Over the last 2 years, he's thrown 62 TD passes and has a .652 completion percentage.

4 Tom Brady, Patriots: Three Super Bowl rings, a 14-4 playoff record and a 93.3 career passer rating.

5 Aaron Rodgers, Packers: Had a not-of-this-world 133.5 third-down passer rating in 2009.

6 Brett Favre, Vikings: Even at 40, he's still one of the league's best QBs.

7 Tony Romo, Cowboys: Had just nine picks in 550 passes last season.

8 Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers: Two Super Bowl rings, but has thrown more than 18 TD passes just twice in his career.

9 Donovan McNabb, Redskins: Has completed better than 61 percent of his passes just twice in his career.

10 Matt Schaub, Texans: Finished first in the league in passing yards and fourth in completion percentage in 2009.

11 Carson Palmer, Bengals: Has had just one really good season so far.

12 Eli Manning, Giants: Six years into his career, he has a .570 completion percentage.

13 Jay Cutler, Bears: Great arm, but makes a lot of bonehead throws (league-high 26 interceptions in 2009).

14 Joe Flacco, Ravens: Has a gun, but also has just one TD, six interceptions and a .475 completion rate in five playoff games.

15 Matt Ryan, Falcons: Didn't play as well in '09 as he did as a rookie.

16 Kevin Kolb, Eagles: Threw for 300-plus yards in both of his starts last year.

17 Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks: Just 22 TD passes and 27 interceptions the last two seasons.

18 Matt Moore, Panthers: Led Panthers to 4-1 finish, throwing eight TDs and just one INT in those five starts.

19 Matt Stafford, Lions: His rookie numbers were atrocious, but he has the tools to be successful.

20 Kyle Orton, Broncos: Threw just 12 TD passes and 11 interceptions in Broncos' final nine games last season.

21 Alex Smith, 49ers: The light seemed to finally go on for him late last season.

22 Matt Cassel, Chiefs: A 1-year wonder whose passer rating dropped 20 points after the Patriots traded him to KC.

23 Mark Sanchez, Jets: Averaged just 24 pass attempts per game as a rookie in Jets' run-oriented offense.

24 Josh Freeman, Bucs: Has all the tools to develop into an elite QB.

25 Chad Henne, Dolphins: Just 12 TDs in 451 attempts last year.

26 David Garrard, Jaguars: Has had just one season with a passer rating better than 84.

27 Jake Delhomme, Browns: Has averaged an interception every 16 passes in his last 12 starts.

28 Matt Leinart, Cardinals: Has just 106 pass attempts in the last two seasons.

29 Vince Young, Titans: 32 TDs, 39 INTs in four seasons.

30 Keith Null/A.J. Feeley, Rams: They're just keeping the seat warm for Sam Bradford.

31 Trent Edwards/Ryan Fitzpatrick/Brian Brohm, Bills: Yuck.

32 JaMarcus Russell, Raiders: Double yuck.