Even before his release from prison yesterday, the questions about Plaxico Burress' football future had been emerging for weeks.

Various reports had the Eagles being interested in Burress, although nothing can happen until the labor imapasse is resolved. Burress' former New York Giants teammate, Brandon Jacobs, said Burress wanted to play for the Eagles. There was the connection between Burress and Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, both in their backgrounds and their attempts to resurrect their NFL careers after prison.


Yesterday, we asked you whether you thought the Eagles should sign Burress in a philly.com poll and nearly 70 percent of the nearly 1,300 respondents said yes.

Yes 897 (69.4%); No 395 (30.6%)


Here are the odds of which teams will sign Burress, courtesy of Bodog.com, with the Eagles listed as the favorite:

Eagles 3/2

New York Jets 3/1

St. Louis Rams 11/2

Washington Redskins 15/2

Minnesota Vikings 15/2

Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1

Chicago Bears 12/1

New York Giants 12/1

Cleveland Browns 15/1

Oakland Raiders 15/1