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Naughty and nice gifts for Philly's sports types

Players, coaches, front-office types and fans all deserve a little something this holiday season.

(Illustration by Rob Tornoe,
(Illustration by Rob Tornoe, more

ON THE DAY before Christmas, we find ourselves in a gift-giving mood. To that end, we've drawn up a list of things to hand out to players, coaches, front-office types, teams and fans.

* To Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez: A door that won't hit him on the way out

* To the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and Phillies charities: A successful record-setting year that allows them to help more people than ever before.

* To the Sixers: A new mascot, Thomas The Tank Engine.

* To the City Six basketball coaches: A healthy thank you for your work with Coaches vs. Cancer.

* To New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: A Cowboys' loss in the first round of the playoffs.

* To Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.: A team that will take Ryan Howard.

* To Phillies fans: A team without Ruben Amaro Jr.

* To the Flyers: An instructional video on how to execute the penalty kill.

* To Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher: A trade to a team that doesn't play Dez Bryant twice a season.

* To the Taney Little League team: A tip of the cap for taking us on a great World Series ride.

* To Villanova quarterback John Robertson: A chance to follow in the NFL footsteps of former Wildcats Howie Long and Brian Westbrook.

Wanna bet?

Need a way to pay off those holiday credit card bills?

Playoff-bound Denver fumbled a chance to clinch homefield advantage throughout the postseason with a loss to the Bengals on Monday night. They're still fighting to secure a bye on Sunday against visiting Oakland.

Yesterday, the money line on the 3-12 Raiders was as high as plus $1,200. That means a winning $100 wager on Oakland would return 12 crisp Ben Franklins.

But beware. While the Raiders have won three of their last five, they are winless on the road this season.