Vinny Curry has been getting a lot of questions about his move to outside linebacker. But he doesn't understand the ones that are based on the premise that he has to learn yet another new position.

For Curry, the switch to outside linebacker has been, if anything, a stroll compared to his climb from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defensive end two years ago.

"Everybody's so shocked, but you've got to understand, I've been playing on the edge my whole life," Curry said. "The adjustment was two-gapping, staying on the block instead of shedding him. That was the adjustment. Instead, I'm back to boom and I'm out. Now, I'm back to setting the edge."

Curry got excited as he spoke - "Let's get it!" he boomed. There's nothing he likes to do more than get after quarterbacks. He does it possibly as well as any Eagles defender. And he said shifting outside would only increase his chances to get into the backfield.

"My biggest thing is, [shoot], if it's going to give me more opportunity to sack the quarterback, or get after the quarterback, or get more rushes," Curry said, "I'm all for it."

A more pertinent question may be: How long will the Eagles keep him at outside linebacker? Chip Kelly said on Wednesday - the Eagles' first practice in preparation for Monday night's season opener at the Falcons - that Curry was now "full-time" at the position. He's in the meetings and working with the outside linebackers in practice.

Kelly later clarified to say that Curry could still take snaps on the defensive line. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis is likely to move him around at various spots. Last month, Davis initially made the move outside sound like an experiment in light of Marcus Smith's hamstring injury.

But with each passing week that Smith has missed, Curry's practice and meeting time at outside linebacker have increased. Smith returned to practice on Wednesday. It was his first session with the team in three weeks. Thursday's practice will be more strenuous and Smith said the plan was for him to be "eased in."

Being ready by Monday could be a stretch. Smith became the leading candidate to win the third outside linebacker spot after Travis Long suffered a season-ending knee injury and before he strained his hamstring. But nothing is a given for the Eagles' 2014 top draft pick, and it's fair to question where he will land on the depth chart once he does return.

"Hopefully, when I come back I can get plugged right in and start exactly where I left off," Smith said. "But right now, my focus is getting all the way back."

Davis would prefer to have two rather than one reserve give starters Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham a rest.

"Ideally, it's supposed to be both of us doing it," Curry said. "But we'll see when he comes back."

Last season, Graham was an invaluable member of the Eagles defense even if was the third option after Barwin and Trent Cole. He played 43 percent of the snaps and the three-man rotation produced a combined 261/2 sacks and 431/2 tackles for loss.

Graham would have never played that much if he hadn't improved in pass coverage. But it took almost two years before he felt completely comfortable. Curry just started dropping back three weeks ago.

"I'm working on it. Getting better every day," Curry said. "I won't say I'm Deion Sanders. But I definitely look fluid and not out of place."

In the Eagles locker room after Wednesday's practice, Curry hollered over to defensive end Cedric Thornton: "Dropping - would you say I look out of place?" Thornton agreed that he didn't, but Graham said that he probably would not have to do it very often.

"We've got a nice little plan because [Davis] knows what he's dealing with," Graham said. "He's going to make sure he puts Vinny in a good situation. . . . He's going to kind of alter some calls when he's in there."

Curry knows how to set the edge against the run, but he's a born pass rusher. Asking him to two-gap as a 3-4 defensive end was initially like asking Graham to drop back. Curry, who notched nine sacks last season, has one of the fastest "get offs" in the NFL. But two-gapping - holding up a blocker initially before shedding him - countered his instincts.

He wasn't as natural as Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan, or Thornton in that regard, but he improved. If there's a difference between rushing off the edge as an outside linebacker vs. a defensive end, it's that Curry will often have to come from two-point stance rather than a three-point.

"It's a big difference," Curry said.

A big difference for a big guy. Curry joked that he's the only 280-pound 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL, but there are at least three starters on other teams who weigh as much. In truth, the difference between a 4-3 end and 3-4 outside backer is minimal.

Whatever position he plays, Curry's goals remain the same.

"Do what's asked of you, but do it to the best of your ability and always stand out," Curry said. "That's how I approach every game. Somebody's going to leave that game after watching Vinny Curry saying something."