THE EAGLES are still looking to add weapons, as Thursday's first round of the NFL draft edges ever closer.

The addition of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith in free agency hardly pushed the NFL's least-impressive group of pass-catchers into elite territory. And Jeffery and Smith are here on one-year deals, though Smith's pact contains an option for two more.

So, wide receiver is very much in play for the Birds in the first two or three rounds of the draft, which continues Friday and concludes Saturday, with the Eagles drafting 14th in the first round on Thursday, 43rd and 99th in the second and third rounds respectively on Friday.

As more than a few fans have noticed, the Eagles haven't done anything about a running back situation that right now features Wendell Smallwood, Darren Sproles and Byron Marshall. (We're still assuming Ryan Mathews gets released when he can pass a physical.) If the weekend passes without a running back being added, you might need to consult a physician next week to make sure your heart is healthy enough to listen to talk radio. (Also, seek prompt medical attention if you find yourself listening for more than four hours. Whether the Eagles draft a running back or not.)

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Here's a rundown of where the Birds are offensively, and some thoughts about where they might like to be by the close of business on Sunday.

Running back: They need one. Bad news for fans lusting for the return of Steve Van Buren and the single wing, the Eagles will continue to run a West Coast offense, so they aren't going to draft some 250-pound guy who can't catch a pass, to barrel into the line 30 times a game. The offense is going to run through Carson Wentz. Christian McCaffrey would look very nice in this offense, but nice enough to draft 14th overall? That's a tough call only if McCaffrey is still on the board when the Eagles pick. Most likely scenario is a second-, third- or fourth-round running back. Alvin Kamara? Marlon Mack? I don't think it will be Joe Mixon. Or Dalvin Cook, who fumbles a lot and has some questionable episodes in his past, unless Cook really drops.

Wide receiver: My understanding is that the Eagles aren't TOO spooked over John Ross' repeated medical issues. I think they'd sure love to have a guy like that, with 4.22 speed and elite hands. First round might be their only chance to draft a real difference-making wideout this year; unlike cornerback, which the Eagles also really, really need, I don't think the wide receiver class offers tremendous depth. First or second round seems likely. If not Ross, Corey Davis, if he's there at 14? Zay Jones in the second, if he lasts until 43rd? Cooper Kupp at 43rd or 99th? It's unlikely Mike Williams will last until 14. If somehow he did and the Eagles took him, that might hasten the departure of Jordan Matthews, heading into a contract year.

Quarterback: The Eagles already have three, including Carson Wentz, on whom the future of the franchise is staked. They don't need any more. The number of the quarterback counting shall be three. Four thou shalt not count, until after the draft, when some dude gets signed to help with all the OTA and training camp reps. Five is right out.

Tight end: Here, as with quarterback, the Eagles also have three, and no great need, but this is a great tight end class. You don't want to be watching some generational talent get inducted into Canton in 20 years while you're explaining to reporters, "well, see, we needed wide receivers and corners." The Eagles might be hoping they don't have to make a decision on O.J. Howard at 14. If that doesn't come up, they probably won't take one.

Offensive line: Here, we might encounter our first test of the reliability of predraft musings from Eagles player personnel vice president Joe Douglas. Talking to reporters last week, Douglas said he thinks the offensive line class is really pretty good. Elsewhere, analysts have claimed this is the worst group in 15 years, and it's really unlikely any OL will be taken in the top 10.

The Eagles don't need a 2017 starter. They spent the offseason stockpiling center-guard types. (Could Jason Kelce still be dealt for a draft choice at some point this weekend? Yes, he could.) They certainly could use another tackle, with Jason Peters now 35 years old and Lane Johnson one dodgy urine sample from a two-year banishment. But this draft does not seem to line up with that need. It's possible Douglas was trying to lay down a smoke screen, or maybe there really is someone he likes in the later rounds. An Eagles' o-line selection Thursday would be a seismic shock, and one on Friday would be at least a minor tremor. Saturday? Sure, why not.