Did you speak to Michael (Vick) about the decision to make Nick Foles the starter for the rest of the season?

What Andy said: ``I did. He was very positive about it. He's on board.''

What Andy meant: ``I did. He asked me if he still needs to bother coming to practice.''

With Jim Washburn gone, will you still use the Wide-9?

What Andy said: ``It won't be as prominent.''

What Andy meant: ``I'm going to use it slightly less than I use the Wishbone.''

Whose decision was it to make Foles the starting quarterback for the rest of the season?

What Andy said: ``This was my decision. The one great thing about the Philadelphia Eagles organization is they've allowed me to make the decisions.''

What Andy meant: ``His initials are J.L.''

Have you had any discussions with Jeff Lurie about your future?

What Andy said: ``I haven't even gone there. I'm sure we'll talk about it at some point. But we're trying to win football games right now.''

What Andy meant: ``Jeff asked me how I'd feel about spending the final year of my contract working in the NovaCare cafeteria. I told him I'd get back to him.''

What was Jim Washburn's reaction last week when you released Jason Babin?

What Andy said: ``What he told me was he was fine with it.''

What Andy meant: ``The SOB tried to run me down with his motorcycle.''

Why did you decide to fire Washburn now?

What Andy said: ``It wasn't all about this game. That's not what it was. It was just something I had been pondering and working through. I just thought it was the right time now.''

What Andy meant: ``Did you miss the part about him trying to run me down with his motorcycle?''

In the span of the last month-and-a-half, you fired your defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, you released your best pass-rusher, and now, you've just fired your defensive line coach. How difficult is it for a franchise to get through that?

What Andy said: ``It's not how you draw it up. I think Juan is great person and fine football coach. Juan will have long career in NFL, and rightly so.''

What Andy meant: ``Hasn't been my finest moment, has it?''