Philadelphia police are still gathering information connected to the vandalized car of a Montreal sportswriter during the Flyers-Canadiens playoff series at the Wachovia Center.

Pat Hickey had about $1,000 of damage to his auto and had his Quebec license plate stolen after Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Joe Dougherty of the Philadelphia poilce department is among the officers heading the investigation. Dougherty said Thursday that police obtained a search warrant and on Tuesday checked out the residence of Dan Hazlett, a 21-year-old from Northeast Philadelphia.

Police were searching for the stolen license plate, which another man had temporarily posted on his Facebook page. They did not find the plate, but found a ticket to Game 1 of the series against Montreal.

Dougherty said he was not surprised that the license plate was not found.

"At this point, we think it's like a hot potato," he said.

Dougherty said police are gathering more information before sending the case to the District Attorney's Office to see if it can get an arrest warrant.

Anyone with information should contact police at 215-686-3013.