Gary Phillips, informed earlier this month by Great Valley that his contract as football coach would not be renewed, said yesterday that he planned to reapply for the position.

According to athletic director Russ Wren, the deadline for applications is Jan 7.

"I have not talked to anybody at the school, but I'll be reapplying," Phillips said, declining to discuss any conversations with school officials on why his contract was not renewed.

"My assistants, ninth through 12th grade, were not renewed, either," he said. "I'm hoping to have interviews and that my past performance will come into play.

"I've had lots of community support and I look to stay as coach."

Phillips, who teaches math and physical education at the school, was the Patriots' coach for the last 17 seasons. The team was 3-8 overall and 2-3 in the American Division of the Ches-Mont League last season. Two years ago, Great Valley was 8-4 and 4-1.

Wren said a selection committee, including some people not connected with the school, would evaluate candidates and help the school in its decision. As of Wednesday, Wren said, he had about 15 applicants. He said Phillips would be considered as would any other candidate.

"The school district, respecting the nature of the employer-employee relationship, wants to be fair to Gary and any others," Wren said. "We just want to get the best person for the job."