Julianna Tornetta Agnes Irwin, midfielder, jr.

When your older sister is the best player your school has ever seen, following in her footsteps might seem like a daunting task. For Julianna Tornetta, it has proven to be a motivator.

She notched 49 goals and eight assists in 21 games this season, including her 100th career goal, which came in a four-goal game against Springside Chestnut Hill.

After three seasons, the junior has racked up 109 goals, tying her sister, Sophia - last year's Inquirer player of the year - for the most in Agnes Irwin history.

"Nobody gets as good as she is without working as hard as she does," coach Alison Brant said of her star. "She has the ability to focus on things that are excellent, and have that success. She knows the game, and she keeps challenging herself."