Her ambition this year is still to score her 200th career goal.

It's a bit lofty.

But that's just the way Hannah Quast is wired.

"I'm not the most patient person in the world," said Quast, a senior midfielder for the Clearview girls' lacrosse team. "That's one of the things I learned about myself."

Actually, it's one of many things she learned about herself over the last seven months.

Quast is just six weeks removed from surgery to repair a torn meniscus in her right knee. It's her second surgery since first tearing it in a fall league lacrosse game in September.

The injury forced her to sit out her senior basketball season, a sport she loves just as much as lacrosse.

It was heartbreaking for Quast, a player known for her competitive nature. But it taught her to be patient, to never give up on her goals. She learned how to be a better leader. She learned more about the finer points of her two favorite sports.

"And I think the most important thing," she said, "is that I learned the value of staying positive."

All of these things, Quast said, will help her in sports and life.

That's why even now, one week before the start of the regular season, when she feels soreness in her knee, it doesn't get her down. All she can do is keep working, try to take it slow, and focus on the positive.

"My goal was to play and be 100 percent for our first game this season," said Quast, who needed an unexpected second surgery in February after her initial injury failed to heal properly. "And it's still my goal to this day, and I'm determined to reach it."

Quast might be limited in the early parts of the season. But don't expect it to stop her from producing at an elite level for one of the area's best programs.

She enters this season with 114 career goals after netting 46 as a junior.

Her offensive prowess is even more crucial to Clearview this season after the graduation of superstar attacker Gianna Bowe, now playing at North Carolina.

Bowe thrived in high school despite missing significant time herself with knee injuries. Clearview has been a bit unlucky with a number of injuries to its star players in recent years. But for Quast, a Liberty University recruit, they've been a big part of her support system.

"I keep in touch with them every day and make sure everything that I'm feeling is normal," she said. "They've definitely been so much help."

Support is another thing Quast learned she can't do without. And luckily she's received plenty of it.

On senior night of basketball season, despite being fresh off knee surgery, Quast suited up and was on the court for the opening tipoff.

Players on both teams agreed to let her win a ceremonial jump ball - just to give her one last opportunity to see action on a high school basketball court.

"That night was so emotional," she said. "I'm just blessed to know I have such awesome coaches and teammates."

The gesture speaks to Quast's reputation around Clearview. She's known for having a passion for the sports she plays, for loving her teammates.

That's why, healthy or not, coach Megan Conklin is excited for what Quast can bring to her team.

Quast has gained a lot of wisdom over the last seven months. And whether she's on the field or off, the Pioneers should be better for it.

"She's brought such a positive outlook and such positive reinforcement to the players," Conklin said. "And I think, even more than her. play on the field, that's one of her greatest qualities."