Growing up, Olivia and Andrew Streilein were a typical sister and brother: competitive and supportive, quick to challenge, quick to comfort.

"In the backyard, in the garage, always the same thing," Olivia Streilein said. "We were so close in age, we would always be pushing each other, trying to outdo each other.

"But at the end of the day, we were always there for each other."

That was true a little more than 10 years ago, when Andrew became the first of the siblings to try lacrosse, and Olivia followed in her little brother's footsteps a while later.

That was true a few years ago, when the Streileins were star lacrosse players at Lenape High School.

And that unique bond remains intact today, as the sister and brother from Mount Laurel compete for Wagner College and continue their climb up the NCAA record book in the most family-oriented of categories.

"Just having her here, it has made my college experience so much better," Andrew Streilein said. "We've been going to each other's games and cheering for each other for so long, it wouldn't be the same if she wasn't there."

Andrew Streilein is a junior attack for the Wagner men's lacrosse team. He leads the Seahawks in scoring with 43 points on 28 goals and 15 assists.

Olivia Streilein is a senior attack for the Wagner women's lacrosse team. She has 33 points on 17 goals and 16 assists.

For their careers, the Streileins have combined for 250 points on 153 goals and 97 assists through Thursday. That ranks them fourth among sister-brother combinations in NCAA Division 1 lacrosse history, according to the Wagner sports information department.

The North Jersey duo of Ned and Virginia Crotty, who combined for 304 points at Duke, are third on the list.

"It's pretty cool," Andrew Streilein said. "You always want to do well, and when you see your sister do well it makes it that much better."

Wagner men's coach Matt Poskay said Andrew Streilein is a "great asset" to the program.

"On the field and off the field," Poskay said. "He's just a great kid, mature, the way he carries himself, handles himself. He's got one of the best shots on the team."

Wagner women's coach Katie Rowan calls Olivia Streilein "the quarterback" of the team.

"She was voted captain by her teammates, which tells you how much they think of her," Rowan said. "She's very coachable, a great learner, always looking to improve and to help the younger players better understand the game."

Olivia Streilein committed first to Wagner.

"When she committed, that's the first time I ever really heard about Wagner lacrosse," Andrew Streilein said. "I went to their prospects day, and they offered, and I was like, 'This sounds good.' "

The siblings' decision to attend the same school eased the travel on their mother, Dawn, whom Olivia calls "our biggest fan."

"I think she drives up [to Staten Island, N.Y.] three times a week during the [lacrosse] season," Olivia Streilein said.

Both siblings are majoring in business, with Olivia focusing on accounting and Andrew on finance.

"It works out because all the teachers love Olivia, and when I take that class, they're like, 'Oh, you're Olivia's brother,' " Andrew Streilein said.

Both siblings were attracted to Wagner because it's a smaller school with athletic programs with a culture of support for other teams on campus.

"We go to their games, and the guys come to our games," Olivia Streilein said.

Said Rowan, "There's a real cool relationship between the women and men's [lacrosse] programs, and with Olivia and Andrew it just adds something special to that."

Olivia Streilein is entering the final weeks of her lacrosse career, which began shortly after her brother took up the sport as a fourth grader.

She recently was honored during the team's annual senior day game, and they won 14-13 over LUI-Brooklyn, with Streilein contributing three goals and two assists.

"That was bittersweet," Olivia Streilein said.

The end of Olivia Streilein's career means the end of the fourth-highest scoring sister-brother combination in NCAA Division 1 lacrosse history.

But since Olivia Streilein has been accepted into Wagner's graduate school for accounting and plans to remain around campus for another year, one thing won't change.

"I'll still be going to Andrew's games," she said.