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Pennsylvania High School Sports
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MLK's football season, for all to see

'We Could Be King' on ESPN2 tomorrow night.

WHEN MARTIN Luther King High head football coach Ed Dunn met with school administrators in preparation for the merger with now-closed Germantown High, he had something specific in mind.

"They were asking us, 'What were our goals for the season and did we think we could win?' And I flat-out told them we could win a championship, and that was our goal from Day 1. So, the one thing I would take away from all this is: Have an audacious goal and don't be afraid to dream big."

"All this" refers to the successful 2013 season captured by the documentary film, "We Could Be King," which will appear tomorrow night at 8 o'clock on ESPN2.

Flatbush Pictures, in conjunction with Dick's Sporting Goods, premiered the film as part of the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23. The film opened in New York City and Los Angeles yesterday.

After controversial school closings claimed Germantown, a bitter rival with King, uncertainty surrounded the idea of blending athletes from both schools on one football team.

All the Cougars (10-3, 6-2) did was win their first Class AAA Public League title. According to, MLK's campaign represented the greatest one-season turnaround in city history (1-10 overall record to 10-3).

"I'm extremely proud," Dunn said. "It's cool for us to have had this experience documented for us so that we can share with people forever.

"For [the team] it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see yourself on the big screen, get this type of exposure and get an opportunity to share their story with the rest of the world."