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Ward wins $20,000 Gambler's Choice Open Jumper

McLain Ward of Bedford, N.Y., won the $20,000 Gambler's Choice Open Jumper class Friday at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.

McLain Ward of Bedford, N.Y., won the $20,000 Gambler's Choice Open Jumper class Friday at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.

In the Gambler's Choice, each fence carries a point value, and riders make up their own courses, trying to accumulate the most points.

Ward accumulated 1,170 points on Dana, a new mount that he has only shown once before, beating his student, Katie Dinan, on Sandron, who had 1,120 points.

"Katie wasn't happy," Ward said. "After she went, I changed the course we'd planned on, because I realized that with that change I could jump a different fence with more points."

"Dana is a good jumper, but she's very green," Ward said. "This was a nice class for her to win."

Danielle Cooper of Syosset, N.Y., won both Amateur Owner Jumper classes, but she won them on different horses.

Cooper won the first class of the day on the 8-year-old Calantus, posting one of only three clean rounds in the jump-off, to finish in 37.949 seconds, a full second faster than second-place Janice Syphers on Cover Girl.

She won the afternoon speed class on Kosta, finishing in 42.256 over Kaitlin Campbell on rocky W, who finished in 42.803.

"It's a huge deal, winning in the Dixon Oval," said Cooper. "I've been coming here for five years, but this is my first time in the jumper division."

"Kosta is perfect," said Cooper. "He'll do anything. My mother's ridden him a bunch, trail riding."

Calantus, whose barn name is Charlie, is apparently quite different.

"Charlie's like a pinball machine," said Cooper's trainer, Mike Zuckerman. "He's all over the place. Charlie has youthful exuberance."

Devon Horse Show

When:Through Sunday

Where: Lancaster Pike and Dorset Road, Devon.

Scheduled exhibitions:

Saturday: Carriage racing, singles and pairs racing through hazards and cones, 7:45 p.m.

Tickets: advance sales, 610-688-2554; country fair office, 610-525-2533. General admission is $8 for adults, and $5 for children 12 and under and seniors 65 and over. Reserved grandstand tickets are available ranging from $12 to $50, depending on the performance.

Website: www.thedevonhorse

Saturday's schedule:

Dixon Oval

 Starting at 8 a.m.

A/O Hunter 18-35-Handy

A/O Hunter Stake 18-35

A/O Hunter 18-35 Championship

A/O Hunter Over 35-Handy

A/O Hunter Stake Over 35

A/O Hunter Over 35 Championship

Devon Grand A/O Hunter Ch.

Devon Leading A/O Hunter Rider

Working Fox Hunter

Park Horse Stake

Hunter Country Pleasure Ch.

H/H Pony Pleasure Driving Ch.

Five Gaited Pleasure Championship

Three Gaited Stake - Junior Exhibitor

Roadster Pony Ch. - Amateur

Country Pleasure Driving Ch.

Hackney Horse Championship

A/O Jumper SJHOF Classic-II, 2(a)

4 - A/O Jumper Championship

5 - A/O Jumper Leading Rider

Gold Ring

 Starting at 8:30 a.m.

Local Hunter Stake

Local Hunter U/S

Local Hunter Championship

Local Hunter Sportsmanship Award

A/O Hunter 3'3"-Handy

A/O Hunter 3'3" Stake

A/O Hunter 3'3" Championship

Dixon Oval

Starting at 7 p.m.

Three Gaited Stake - Amateur

Hackney Pony Championship

Country Pleasure Championship

Fine Harness Ch. - Amateur

Three Gaited Pleasure Championship

Roadster Horse Championship

Hackney/Harness Pony Ch.

Five Gaited Stake - Amateur

Open Jumper Stake - II, 2(a)

Open Jumper Championship

Leading Open Jumper Rider