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People can't stop talking about Mo'ne Davis and the Taney Dragons

In a summer of sad news and living nightmares, the feel-good stories have been lacking. Mo'ne Davis and the Taney Dragons have provided us with one, and naturally, everybody wants (or has been requested) to talk about it.

In a summer of sad news and living nightmares, the feel-good stories have been lacking. Mo'ne Davis and the Taney Dragons have provided us with one, and naturally, everybody wants (or has been requested) to talk about it.


There's been no jealousy simmering between teammates as Mo'ne takes the spotlight during the team's epic run for the Little League World Series title.

The attention must be overwhelming and there are undoubtedly idiots (Eric Bolling of FOX News) and weirdos (adults approaching her for autographs) that come with it, but even without microphones shoved in their faces, the Taney Dragons would be a group of kids who get along and support each other.

"[Mo'ne] is one of the guys that just happens to be a girl."

-Taney outfielder Tai Shanahan

"It's not that big of a deal to us. To everyone else, it's like 'oh my god, this girl phenom plays baseball just as well as the guys.' But for us, she's just a girl that plays on the team."

-Taney outfielder/pitcher Kai Cummings

"It's a terrific bunch and they've been together for years. They are best friends. They have each other's backs and they are enjoying playing really good baseball."

-Taney coach Alex Rice

Local media

How nice, it must be, for local baseball outlets to have something to write about other than a Phillies season that has become so repetitively bad that reality is devouring itself.

"After pitching the game of her life Sunday to get Taney to the Little League World Series, all she did was come back and pitch even better today."

-David S. Cohen, The Good Phight

"Look, it's been a rough couple weeks and this story's nothing but good news. So, yeah: plus 10 and no joke. Bring the heat, Mo'ne."

-City Paper

"People are really losing it over this girl, and they really want to see her kill it and kill it and kill it again until she kills it all the way to the top. So let's watch her do it."


"Davis said her teammates' acceptance of her as a girl player 'makes me cry.'"

"'Just kidding,' said Davis. 'I don't really feel anything.'"

-Matt Breen and Melissa Dribben, Inquirer

This is great, from Mo'Ne Davis

National media

From HBO to the White House, there have been few media outlets that haven't published a Taney Dragons headline this summer.

"How is she that self confident at 13 years old? I'm not that self confident now, and I have a TV show."

-John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

Fans already lined up at #LLWS to watch Mo'ne Davis. Her game doesn't start for NINE more hours (7:30 ET on ESPN).

"There is a teenage Little League pitcher slaying dragons, demons and pimple-faced boys with a curve ball and her name is Mo'Ne Davis."

-Kelly Faircloth, Jezebel

"You can tell she's from Center City Philadelphia, because she copied her delivery from Papelbon and her on-field demeanor from Chase Utley."

-Michael Baumann, Grantland

"Hey quick question, Mo'ne. What about a you know, typically, uh, I don't know, more female friendly sport, like soccer? No?"

-Eric Bolling, Fox & Friends

"Further cementing her status as a badass, Davis brushed the question off with ease and proceeded to coolly and confidently assure Eric Bolling that she could strike his punk-ass out any day."

-Tom Ley, Deadspin

Congrats to Mo'ne Davis on becoming the first girl to pitch an #LLWS shutout. When girls succeed, we all succeed:

"...from about any perspective, baseball sensation Mo'ne Davis has emerged as one of the best sports stories of the summer."

-Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal

"More people are talking about her than Derek Jeter."

-Mark Hyman, assistant sports professor, George Washington University, via the New York Times

"She has proven that girls can compete with the guys, and the guys know there's a new girl on the block."

-David Stoker, 48-year LLWS umpire via Huffington Post

"Last week, this week, maybe next week, she's owned the sports conversation. How often do you get to say this about a 13-year-old girl?"

-Chris Stone, Sports Illustrated managing editor via L.A. Times

Quotes from the pros

The famous athletes who aren't dumping buckets of water on their heads have had plenty to say about the 13-year-old on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

What a weird summer.

"I remember watching one of their first games on TV and thinking, 'Wow, she is really amazing.' She is pitching no-hitters and getting hits with her at-bats. It is an unbelievable thing."

-Michael Carter-Williams

"When you get right down to it, a person throwing 70 mph at that age? I don't think I could pick up a baseball and throw 70 mph right now."

-Ruben Amaro

Go Taney, Go MoNe - how about that!
PhIlly bring it home...Best Wishes to Taney Dragons...Philly squad in Little League World Series...��
S/O to PA. and @MoNeDavis11. Rooting for u guys over here! #LLWS2014
Mo'ne Davis is straight to watch !!! #LLWS #MidAtlantic
Good luck to the Taney Dragons.. Philly little league bring it home! #williamsport #LLWS2014
This youngster is striking everybody out and she is a girl. I love it. #itsanewday
Who said girls can't play baseball? Yesterday, Mo'Ne Davis threw a complete game shut out to lead her team to the #LLWS!

"Hey, Mo'ne... I heard you're ready for a pitch-off. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm prepared, I'm ready. Whenever you can make it out to L.A., just let me know."

-Clayton Kershaw