These two ancient franchises share a lot of common history. Here's just a little:

April 9, 1913 – The Phillies are the opposition in first official game at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, a copy-cat version of Philly's four-year-old Shibe Park. Phils win, 1-0. Larry King does postgame show.

Oct. 3, 1916 – As second-place Phillies lose doubleheader to Boston, Dodgers beat New York to clinch pennant. Since John McGraw's Giants had feuded frequently and violently with his team, Phillies manager Pat Moran suspected them of losing intentionally. McGraw didn't disagree. "They simply refused to obey my orders," he said. Moran demanded an NL investigation, but got a Phillies gift pack instead.

Sept. 8 and 13, 1925 – Dodgers pitcher Dazzy Vance one-hits the Phillies, then, five days later, no-hits them. Week after that, Vance petitions court to change first name to Philo.

April 10, 1947 – On Jackie Robinson's first visit to Philadelphia, the Ben Franklin Hotel refuses him a room and, before and during game, Phillies manager Ben Chapman and some players mercilessly deride the major-league's first African-American. Robinson reaches Hall of Fame. Chapman never gets closer than 22d and Lehigh.

Oct. 1, 1950 – In ninth inning on season's final day, Richie Ashburn throws out Cal Abrams at home with what have been winning run, one that would have forced a pennant playoff between the teams. In the 10th, Dick Sisler homers and Phillies win first pennant in 35 years. Broadcaster Gene Kelly was going to repeat "The Phillies win the pennant" 11 times but decided no one would ever remember such a redundant call.

April 25, 1953 – A memorable day in Philly. First, Curt Simmons allowed the Dodgers 12 runs in the eighth inning before recording an out - still a record for no-out runs. Then, after aptly nicknamed Dodgers starter Russ "Mad Monk" Meyer was ejected by umpires, the TV cameras of WPTZ - a KYW-TV forerunner - caught him making an obscene gesture in the dugout. Outraged viewers demand police action. Meyer blames it on a wardrobe malfunction.

Oct. 7, 1977 - Black Friday. The Phillies lead Game 3 of tied NLCS, 5-3, with two outs and none on base in ninth. But Vic Davilillo's drag bunt and Manny Mota's double off Greg Luzinski's glove trigger rally that gives Dodgers 6-5 win. Ninth-inning noise awakens Danny Ozark.

Oct. 8, 1983 – After having lost twice to Dodgers in previous NLCS, the Phillies finally get the blue monkey off their backs, winning Game 4, 7-2, over L.A. and clinching World Series spot. Gary Matthews is named MVP and awarded a hat.

Aug. 21, 1990 – Trailing L.A., 11-1, in the eighth inning at Dodger Stadium, the Phillies get two runs in eighth, nine more in ninth to rally for win. Manager Tommy Lasorda is so upset he passes up thirds at postgame spread.

Black Friday limerick

It's so nice to be beating L.A.

Perhaps 'cause I still rue the day

When Bruce Froemming's missed call

And the Bull's misplayed ball

Triggered 30-some years of dismay.

Bruce and the Phils

Bruce Springsteen was playing another concert last night at the Spectrum, a building that has managed to forestall death longer than The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

In keeping with the juxtaposition of baseball and the Boss, some of Springsteen's song titles seem appropriate for the Phillies and this series:

"Prove It All Night": Cliff Lee.

"Blinded By The Light": Cole Hamels.

"Out in the Street": Brett Myers.

"I'm On Fire": Ryan Howard.

"Wreck On the Highway": Hiroki Kuroda.

"Counting On a Miracle": Joe Torre.

"I'm Going Down": The Dodgers.

Air traffic jam

Last night, a few hours before game time, there were, for one fleeting moment, four flying objects stacked atop one another - a seagull, a helicopter, a biplane and a jet.

There hadn't been that much congestion in South Philly since Mario Lanza contracted the Swine Flu.

What a surprise

The Phillies' Shane Victorino was hoarse last night.

That's hardly shocking.

The loquacious Victorino being hoarse is a little like John Goodman being stuffed.

Billy Ray who?

The Hooters performed the National Anthem before last night's game.

Take that, L.A.!

Wouldn't be surprised if we got Fabian for Game 5.

5 things overheard pregame

1. "Sir, this is the ladies' room!"

2. "Go ahead, drink those beers. I ain't bailing you out."

3. Why are you carrying around those empty cups?"

"What would you like me to do with them . . . Wait, I retract that question."

4. (To Cal Ripken, setting up in the TBS booth atop Ashburn Alley). "Yo, Cal, Dodgers suck!"

5. (Man showing model of Citizens Bank Park to son) "That's the Linc, right there."

5 Things not overheard pregame

1. "Those game programs are a bargain at $15."

2. "Too bad it's not as cold as Sunday night."

3. "That Joe Torre is really quite animated in the dugout."

4. "No waiting at Tony Luke's."

5. "I hope this series goes seven games."

No more, please

The Phillies need to end those big-scoreboard word scrambles that have been running over and over and over for the last few years.

Here's a suggested new one:

"Get his milk, L.A.!"

("Kill This Game!")