ROCKIES PITCHER James Moyer isn't talking. Braves third baseman Chipper Jones won't shut up.

During Saturday night's game, Moyer accused Jones of stealing signs. Jones was on second at the time, having doubled in a run to cut the Rockies' lead to 6-2. One batter later, Brian McCann singled home Jones. The Braves went on to win , 13-9.

On Sunday, Jones said Moyer was paranoid and even took a shot at the Phillies, the team the 49-year-old lefthander played with for five seasons.

"See, this is what happens when you get a pitcher who comes from a team that [relays signs] constantly — the Phillies," Jones told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "And he is so paranoid that every single team does it, which is not the case."

Moyer would not comment on the incident. Jones, on the other hand, had plenty to say.

"I literally am standing on second base and I'm talking to Tulo [Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki], and I turn around and [Moyer] is coming set. So I get ready and take my lead, and [Moyer] goes, 'I see you.' And I go, what the [bleep] do you see? What the [bleep] are you talking about?' I go, 'I was [bleeping] talking to your shortstop. And he said something else with his back turned, like he yelled but didn't face me. I go, that's [bleeping] B.S. And I turned around to Tulo and Tulo's like [holds hands up]."

Surprisingly, Tulowitzki didn't stick up for his teammate.

"I think exactly how Chipper said it is how it happened," Tulowitzki said. "I think Moyer accused him of giving locations. All I can tell you is that Chipper and I were just talking, and I didn't get any sense that he was relaying anything. No one knows the truth . . . [But] put yourself in [Jones'] shoes — if you're accused of something and you know you didn't do it, you're going to be fired up."

The teams don't meet again until Sept. 3. But Jones said he already knows what he's going to do if he gets on base with Moyer on the mound.

"I tell you what, the next time we face them I'll stand with my back to him, and see what he says then," Jones said. "What's his excuse going to be when he gives it up then? I mean, dude, we don't need signs, especially for him. I mean, my goodness, every pitch is 78 [mph]. Come on."