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Phillies, Red Sox 'not close' on a Cole Hamels trade

The Red Sox and Phillies do not appear to be agreeing on a trade for Cole Hamels.

We know that the Red Sox were willing to play ball. We know who the Phillies may have been targeting. We know that Jon Lester is off the market.

But the Phillies and Red Sox can't seem to pull the trigger on a Cole Hamels trade, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

Rosenthal sees Boston turning elsewhere, and likely it is due to Ruben Amaro Jr.'s high demands for Hamels. This is not without merit - Hamels is a valuable piece and a frontline starter, and Amaro has made his asking price clear.

The Phillies aren't desperately trying to dump Hamels and his salary off the books (unlike some people), so the situation seems to be that if Amaro doesn't hear the names he wants to hear, he's fine with holding onto his ace. Hamels has indicated he's fine with that, too.