The 76ers have contacted the Denver Nuggets about a potential trade for star forward Carmelo Anthony, multiple NBA sources confirmed on Sunday.

The centerpiece of the Sixers' offer is swingman Andre Iguodala, although other players, including expiring contracts and young talent, would be needed to convince the Nuggets to part with their franchise player.

Anthony has only one season left on his contract and has made it clear he does not intend to re-sign with Denver, the team he joined as a rookie in 2003.

The Nuggets have offered Anthony a three-year, $65 million extension; the offer is still on the table. Iguodala agreed to a six-year, $80 million deal before the 2008-09 season; he has four years and approximately $55 million remaining on his deal.

Multiple media have reported that the Nuggets would like to have the issue resolved before the start of training camp.

One NBA source said this trade was merely in the discussion stage and that Denver would have to take the next step in pursuing the Sixers' offer. The same source said all was quiet on Sunday evening and that the matter would be further discussed this week.

Another Western Conference source admitted that Denver has "always loved" Iguodala's game, but cautioned that most NBA teams have inquired about Anthony. The source said there was little reason to believe the Sixers were front-runners for landing the 6-foot-8 all-star forward, who reportedly has a list of preferred destinations not including Philly.

Anthony's desired locations reportedly include the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, and Chicago Bulls.

Over the weekend, it appeared Anthony was headed to the New Jersey Nets in a complicated four-team trade also involving the Utah Jazz and the Charlotte Bobcats. As the deal neared completion, the New York Daily News reported that the trade was halted over Charlotte's unwillingness to part with point guard D.J. Augustin.