THE SIXERS' reacquistion of journeyman point guard Ish Smith last week from the New Orleans Pelicans does not move the dial on their long-term rebuilding plan.

This organization needs high-ceiling young prospects to get this thing going in the right direction, not players destined to be career backups.

Despite having five lottery selections over the previous three drafts, the Sixers have not found enough answers from relying almost exclusively on the draft.

There are other ways to add pieces.

With seven first-round picks through 2019 and too many young centers in rookie Jahlil Okafor, third-year player Nerlens Noel and the injured Joel Embiid, the Sixers have assets.

It is time to make a move for a young NBA player who could be on the court now, growing in the Sixers' system.

That would be better than simply salivating exclusively over college freshmen who will have to start from scratch, proving themselves once they reach the NBA.

The only things I would not put on the trade table - unless Minnesota, for some ridiculous reason, wanted to move Andrew Wiggins - would be Okafor and the Sixers' own 2016 first-round pick, which should be in the top three.

From bottom to top, my wish list is:

Marcus Smart

21, point guard, 6-4, Boston:

Around the 2015 draft, there were rumors that Boston general manager Danny Ainge offered Smart and two first-round picks to the Sixers for Noel.

In hindsight, it is too bad they did not accept.

The return might not be as big now, but it is certainly worth a call to see if Ainge is still interested.

The Celtics have big dollars committed to point guard Isaiah Thomas, 26, through the 2017-18 season.

Smart, who has just returned after missing 18 games with a knee injury, might still be expendable.

Ainge is primarily looking for a go-to scorer, so, even if he no longer wanted Noel for the Celtics, Noel is still has value as the kind of young, athletic big man who can be packaged with first-round picks, of which Boston has four in 2016, in a bigger deal.

Of many pressing needs, the Sixers' biggest is a high-ceiling point guard. In only his second season, Smart (career 8.0 points, 3.1 assists, 3.4 rebounds) still fits that profile.

I would offer Noel and throw-ins to complete a deal. You might even still squeeze a first-round pick out of Boston.

Dennis Schroder

22, point guard, 6-1, Atlanta:

Depending on whether the Hawks want to continue their pursuit of the NBA Finals, Schroder could be available.

To keep the current window open, Atlanta will have to re-sign All-Star big man Al Horford, who becomes an unrestricted free agent. That move would also mean All-Star point guard Jeff Teague, 27, will stay the starter.

Schroder, who has only 16 starts in two-plus seasons, said before the season he wanted to start or would "look for other opportunities."

The Sixers would be an ideal opportunity for Schroder, who is averaging a career-high 10.5 points and 4.3 assists in 21.5 minutes, to be a full-time starter.

Schroder compares to Sacramento's Rajon Rondo - hopefully without the baggage. He would be worth either the top-three protected pick the Sixers own from the Lakers, Noel or the rights to international power forward Dario Saric.

Victor Oladipo

23, swingman, 6-4, Orlando:

The Magic drafted Oladipo second overall in 2013 to be the foundation of its rebuilding.

First-year Magic coach Scott Skiles, however, seems higher on 23-year-old Evan Fournier.

Oladipo lost his starting spot to Fournier. His minutes are below 30 per game and his scoring average as fallen from 17.9 in 2014-15 to a career-low 12.3.

Fournier is outplaying his rookie contract and can be an unrestricted free agent after 2016-17. The Magic will have to pay big to extend him.

Orlando is ascending, and Oladipo, who averages four assists and rebounds for his career, would be a costly reserve who might walk after 2017-18.

He could be expendable.

In addition to a point guard, the Sixers desperately need a dependable athletic wing who can score.

The Lakers' pick, Noel or Saric would be worth seeing whether a different situation rejuvenates Oladipo.

Zach LaVine

20, combo guard, 6-5, Minnesota:

Instead of Saric, the Sixers should have had Orlando select LaVine for them at No. 12 in that 2014 draft-night shuffle.

In addition to a high upside, LaVine plays an exciting style that would keep fans entertained during the early years of rebuilding.

Because he is a valuable part of the Timberwolves' rotation, LaVine will cost more now than a year ago, but that is the price of a lack of foresight. Still, because of circumstances, he still might be gettable.

As a "two" guard, LaVine (14.6 points) is behind Wiggins - Minnesota's great hope.

As a point guard, LaVine (3.4 assists) is behind Ricky Rubio, a solid setup man and owed $55 million through 2018-19.

As a combo guard, LaVine would be perfect for the Sixers, who need a reliable option at both positions.

Minnesota might be enticed by the Lakers' pick as a centerpiece of a trade package. Noel or Saric, as a replacement for the ancient Kevin Garnett, plus a future No. 1, might also look good to the Wolves.

I like LaVine enough to be that daring.