Like several 76ers fans, Nerlens Noel wants to see how the team's three elite centers are going to play together.

The Sixers are overcrowded at that position with Noel, Joel Embiid, and Jahlil Okafor all capable of starting in the NBA. We could find out how things are going to work out as early as Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptors. If not, then on Friday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

That's when all three centers should finally be healthy and able to go at the same time.

"I wasn't curious before," Noel said, "but now that we are actually here, I guess that I am curious, whatever that means. But we will let that play out as long as it needs to."

Noel has changed his tune. On Sept. 25, he said that having three starting-caliber centers on the roster did not make sense.

But based on recent practices, Noel gets the impression that two big men will be on the floor together. The thought is that the Sixers will create a high-low offense, he said.

"I think a new offense is something good," Noel said. "It's something that can really somewhat work with the big trailing, the big at the free-throw line. So I think it's more compact, and spacing will definitely be a key factor."

Sixers coach Brett Brown believes all three centers can coexist. In that scenario, Embiid would be the franchise player. Noel would be a reserve defensive specialist who runs rim-to-rim and excels in pick-and-rolls. Okafor would provide an offensive spark when needed.

It can work "if they buy in and let me coach them and put them in positions where they truly have a chance to succeed," Brown said.