Update: Doug Collins said before the game that Andre Iguodala will not play tonight.

From earlier:

Sixers coach Doug Collins said that starting forward Andre Iguodala is doubtful for tonight's home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It would be the second straight missed game for Iguodala, who is suffering from tendinitis in his left knee. It was announced after Tuesday's shootaround that Iguodala rode a stationary bike, got treatment, then left the arena.

In Iguodala's place, Collins will give Jodie Meeks his second straight start. The player who may be most affected by Iguodala's injury is newcomer Sam Young. When asked if he might continue to see prominent minutes (as he did in San Antonio on Sunday), Collins said:

"Well, he got 30 (minutes) the other night, and now he comes into a five-man rotation. He and Lou (Williams) now become the two guys off the bench on the perimeter. A lot of it is the matchups on a night-to-night basis, who's playing particularly well at that particular point in time. I thought Sam the other night did a nice job for us. He came in and gave us some toughness, had nine rebounds, I think five offensive rebounds, he was aggressive, took the ball to the basket, dunked it a couple of times. He's getting more acclimated so I'm sure he's going to get some more minutes tonight."

As for Iguodala, Collins said: "He's got jumper's knee, which is a tendinitis. How long it takes to get knocked out I'm not sure. A big part of his game is his speed, his quickness and his jumping and when he's limited with that...That's the kind of thing, when you get that, your leg feels weak.

"Obviously we miss Dre. He's our best defender. The last time we played this team we played him on (Antawn) Jamison because he's such a pick-and-pop player and rolls out and shoots the ball. So much of what he does is a two-man game with Kyrie (Irving). So we'll really miss him tonight."