Major League Soccer's Players Union has released its 2015 salary figures and one surprise concerns Union goalie Rais Mbolhi.

While estimates of his salary were in the $500,000 range, the Players Union says his base and guaranteed compensation for this year is $350,000.

That is still a lot of money for a player who hasn't played since the fifth game, as the Union attempts to sell him.

Not surprising was that center back Maurice Edu was the Union's highest-paid player. Edu is earning $768,750 in guaranteed compensation.

Edu and Mbolhi are two of seven Union players currently on the team making more than $250,000.

The others are Steven Vitoria ($400,000), Fernando Aristeguieta ($350,004), Vincent Nogueira ($330,000), Sebastien Le Toux ($285,228.13), and Andrew Wenger ($282,000).

Carlos Valdes, who is on loan but listed on the roster, has a salary of $400,000.

Midfielder Cristian Maidana, who along with Edu has been the Union's best player, is earning $217,250.