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Ask Sir Charles

It Isn't Easy Looking This Good

Q: Why do most professional athletes (especially football players, even the ones doing television commentary) dress so poorly? Don't they have people telling them what to wear?

- Fashion-Conscious in Fishtown

A: What's wrong, Philly? Stop hating. Seriously, most leagues and pro teams have dress codes for their athletes on game days, some on travel days too. Dressing appropriately is now part of the job. How they dress is a matter of individual style. Some have stylists.

But I'll tell you this: It's not easy trying to outfit a big man. You can't just go up to the mall and buy a suit in a 56 XXXL long. I think for the most part most athletes dress pretty well, even football players. But nobody looks as good as me, right?

Q: I broke my hip in March and went through months of therapy. In April, I applied for handicapped-parking signs in the city to be installed in front of my home. I was told in July that my request had been approved and the signs are ready; unfortunately I was advised that the city did not have the money to pay for and install them. I'm also a heart-transplant recipient and have suffered as a child from polio, so it's quite difficult for me to walk considerable distances from an available parking space to my house. Who should I contact to get the already-approved signs installed?

- Handicapped in Northeast

A: Man, that's sad. First, try calling 3-1-1, the city's customer-service help line. They should be able to point you in the right direction. If that doesn't work, call Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler at 215-686-9002. If you still don't get it fixed, call Mayor Nutter's office at 215.656-7508. Tell them I sent you.