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Ask Sir Charles

Is it low self-esteem, or she just hard of hearing?

]Q: I'm a lucky guy. My girlfriend is incredibly beautiful, which I tell her all the time. And yet she still needs constant reassurance about her appearance. Am I doing something wrong - or is this the sort of normal insecurity all women feel from time to time?

- Mystified in Cherry Hill

A: If you have an incredibly beautiful girlfriend, you really are a lucky guy. But to have to tell a boyfriend or girlfriend over and over again how beautiful they are isn't a self-esteem problem, it's a hearing problem. Maybe you need to make up a "You are beautiful" sign and show it to her whenever she needs to be reassured. If she really is beautiful I'm sure you aren't the first person to tell her that. Or the last.

Q: My friend is a great storyteller. And like most great storytellers, he tends to exaggerate - a lot - to make his stories more funny or meaningful. The only problem I have with this that he often puts me into his stories, doing things I never did and saying things I never said. I don't mind his BS when it's about him, but it kinda weirds me out that he feels so comfortable implicating me in his BS as well. Would I be wrong to tell him to leave me out of his tall tales?

- Sick of Stories in Center City

A: If he portrays you as an outstanding athlete or something like that, that's cool. But if he makes you look foolish or criminal - that's just way over the line. Just tell him, "Dude, keep me out of your stories. If you've got nothing more to say about your own self just shut up and don't be stupid." You've got my permission. Just don't put my name in your story, bro.

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