When Jeremy Stock and Danielle Burrows married and she moved into his home in Point Breeze in 2016, he said, “we thought we would live here forever.”

He had bought the two-bedroom, 1½-bath rowhouse in 2009, moving there from Francisville.

It was in fairly good shape, he said, a good thing because Stock, a program director for pharmaceutical advertising, wasn’t ready to deal with a fixer-upper, either financially or skill-wise.

But over time, he began to make improvements, and when Burrows forsook her Queen Village trinity, the process accelerated.

“I said, ‘Let’s try to get this up a notch and give it some character,’ ” recalls Burrows, a freelance writer and TV producer. “We wanted to remove that cookie-cutter feel.”

And thankfully, she said, “we found that our tastes meshed."

The house has an oversized oasis bathroom with surrounding windows to take in the morning sun; a kitchen filled with cabinets and creative storage; built-in closets opening up space in the master bedroom; and energy-saving lighting.

And along the way, with help from friends, his father, YouTube, and a contractor, Stock said, their rehabbing chops developed to the point where they wanted to use them on a larger home. So they bought a fixer-upper close by in South Philadelphia.

“It was an excellent learning experience,” Stock said. “It gave us the confidence to run” with the new home.

Over time, the neighborhood changed along with the house. Gentrification cost them some of the neighbors they had befriended, but the growth of accessible shops meant much less time in their cars, Burrows said.

“Gentrification is a double-edged sword,” Stock said.

The 1,080-square-foot house has easy access to bike thoroughfares, public transit, and I-95 and I-76. Local eating and drinking places have sprung up within walking distance.

The purchase price includes a home warranty.

As for Burrows and Stock, they plan to make the new rehab their last.

“Hopefully we’ll get along during this next home project as well as we did during the first one,” Burrows said.

The house is listed for $350,000 by Adam Baldwin of Compass Pennsylvania LLC.