No Soul

Hey, phans, are you ready for yet another world championship team? The Arena Football League's decision to shut down operations for the 2009 seasons means that your Philadelphia Soul, the 2008 champs, will retain its title for another year. (At least, I think it does.)

I suppose another parade down Broad Street is out of the question, given both the dire economic straits in which the city finds itself and the AFL's status as barely above pro wrestling in terms of sporting credibility.

I'd settle for an autographed copy of Slippery When Wet.

Miles to Phils?

Ruben Amaro tells Scott Lauber that he's contacted "20 or so" non-tendered players, which is most of the non-tenders. Just a guess that switch-hitting utility man Aaron Miles was among them since the the pursuit of Nick Punto came up empty.

Punto would have been their player of choice since he mans third base well. Ty Wigginton is also out there, an attractive option for several clubs. Philadelphia probably isn't the best fit for Wigginton, however. If they're searching for a fifth-outfielder, Jonny Gomes is free and bats from the right side.

No Chan fan

Chan Who? Whatever . . .

Maybe it's because I'm feeling the "holiday spirit."

Maybe it's because I'm loaded with sedatives. Whatever the reason, I can't muster strong feelings about the Chan Ho Park signing.

We all know the story.

Ten years ago, Chan Ho was pretty good. Then he [stunk] for the better part of a decade before reinventing himself as a relief pitcher last year. Now, the Phils are paying Park $2.5 million (with other performance incentives) to be a starter/reliever.

Hopefully he can repeat last year's performance (3.40 ERA and 95 innings), while at the same time providing starting depth just in case one of the starters gets hurt or needs to go to the minors for a month or two.

Of course, he may also flame out and turn into the long relief version of Adam Eaton. Who knows? Either way, it won't make or break the season for the Phils.

Smart fans

I, for one, and sick and tired of being bashed and deemed a "fair-weather fan" when, in reality, you could not find a more passionate yet knowledgeable group of fans than you can find here in Philly. Fair-weather? Nonsense! The only "problem" with Philly fans is that we have a unique blend of obnoxiousness and smarts.