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Live Updates

Eagles news: Jason Kelce got Doug Pederson’s jacket; five Eagles players injured in win over Jaguars

“This is getting framed up, just like all the others,” Kelce said of Pederson's jacket.

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In Iran, I narrowly avoided the morality police

Support for Iranian women would be meaningful not just for the estimated 4,200 Iranians who live in Philadelphia, but to the 500,000 to one million Iranians who live in the United States.

Most communities elect their school boards democratically. Philadelphia's is appointed by the mayor, which has created an inherent conflict of interest.

National Politics

Trump escalates his attacks on Mitch McConnell with ‘death wish’ post

"He has a DEATH WISH," Trump posted late Friday on his Truth Social platform, criticizing McConnell for agreeing to a deal to fund the government through December.