THE CYBERFIELDS of Donovan McNabb's blog on, fallow the past few weeks, suddenly bore fruit yesterday afternoon, when the quarterback decided it was "time to check in again." He apparently does not plan to speak with reporters this week at the Eagles' OTAs; speculation has held that McNabb does not wish to discuss his bid for a new contract.

"I wanted to make sure that I reach out and communicate directly with you guys as we get ready for a couple of weeks of team practices," McNabb (or someone speaking for McNabb) wrote. "Things are going well for me this offseason - still working hard in Arizona [although I took a brief golf vacation with my family about a week ago. We get very competitive!].

"I returned to Philadelphia late last week and got a workout in at NovaCare. I was able to catch up with some of the rookies who were here for a few extra sessions to get up to speed. Although I didn't see their workouts, the buzz in the building is that everyone is working hard and learning the playbook. It will be good to all work together for the next couple weeks and I'm hopeful that a few of them will be able to make it to Arizona in July to get some extra work in together before reporting to training camp.

"I love this time of year. Besides the 2 weeks of our football practices, June has also been a time for me and my Foundation and also the Eagles organization to try to make a difference in the Philadelphia community. Every year the team rebuilds a playground at a local school for EYP. The Donovan McNabb Foundation, that we established 10 years ago, will hold a free football clinic for kids this Saturday. Later this month the Donovan McNabb Diabetes Camp for Kids run by the ADA will take place for the seventh year. June is also the month of Father's Day, which takes on an added meaning this year. First off, I now have three great kids. As a reminder of how lucky I am, I will receive the Father of the Year Award from the American Diabetes Association next week.

"I don't take any of these things lightly nor do I take them for granted. I am truly blessed." *

- Les Bowen

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