The following is a partial transcript from yesterday's fantasy football chat on with John Gonzalez.

Comment from Big L: Which 2 would you start out of the following 4 running backs? Brandon Jacobs, Hightower, Julius Jones, Felix Jones?

Gonzo: I hate Brandon Jacobs. When I start him, he's terrible. When I sit him - like last week - he goes off for 30 points on my bench. He's more confusing than a David Foster Wallace book.

But given your options, I'd start him. Jacobs and Hightower seem like the play here.

Comment from cdom: Pick one flex option - Wes Welker or Jamaal Charles, also Sidney Rice or Percy Harvin?

Gonzo: Rice over Harvin and Welker over Charles.

Comment from Ron: Cotchery or Meachem this week? Heap or Jermichael Finley?

Gonzo: Meachem. He's been on a nice run lately. And Finley.

Comment from dan: I'm in the playoffs, but probably doomed. Would you take Warner or Schaub this week against SF and SEA, respectively?

Gonzo: Schaub is banged up, which could be a problem. San Fran has the better defense, but I'd probably be more comfortable with Warner this week. They just beat up on Minnesota, Boldin looks healthy, and the offense seems to be coming together.

Comment from Scoop: Need another QB in case Peyton sits. Garrard, Campbell, Fitzpatrick and Henne are available. Who should I snatch?

Gonzo: Of that group, Garrard is your best bet, but don't expect too much out of him.

Comment from Jim: LeSean McCoy or Kevin Smith this week?

Gonzo: Tough call. Both are going up against good defenses this week. And we still don't know how long it will be until Westbrook comes back. And even in a blowout last week, Shady didn't do much. I like him slightly better than Smith, though.

Comment from celek: Am I going to have consistent games the rest of the season or is that thumb going to continue to keep my production down?

Gonzo: You'll be fine once the thumb mends. And you better heal up quick. Your understudy isn't making anyone forget about you.

Comment from eddie the EAGLE: Crabby the Crab [Michael Crabtree] ain't showing much yet but he'll be very good, right?

Gonzo: What's very good? I think he can be a serviceable low-end No. 2 WR next year, but until the 49ers get a quarterback who can play, I don't see him becoming a huge fantasy force.

You should make a comeback, Eddie. The winter Olympics aren't the same without you.

Comment from eddie the EAGLE: Part 2 - out of Driver, Owens, Crabby, Cotchery, would you go with Driver and Owens?

Gonzo: Yup. Driver has been one of the most consistent WRs in fantasy football this year. He's not going to have a crazy 200-yard game like Miles Austin, but he's generally good for between 8 and 16 points a week.

T.O. had a tough week against the Jets, but that happens to a lot of WRs. He should bounce back nicely against the Chiefs.

Comment from Rob: Hi, Gonz. I'm picking two from Mendenhall, the incomparable Tom Jones (Jets), and Steven Jackson. What do you think?

Gonzo: Mendenhall and Jones. They have the best matchups this week.

Comment from mullet man: Yo, Gonz. I'm in trouble this week! I picked up Fred Jackson last week because Turner was out. Do I play him again or start Turner and hope he plays? Help a brother out, cuz.

Gonzo: Yo, Double M. Wait to see if Turner is active. If he is, it becomes a tough call but I'd probably go with Jackson anyway. Turner has been so banged up that I wouldn't risk it until you know he's healthy again.

Comment from thegreater: Need to choose between Maroney and Jamaal Charles (MJD is my first back). Also, if Michael Turner is cleared to play, would you play him ahead of these two?

Gonzo: Really depends on what kind of production you need out of your second back. If you're going for broke, start Turner if he plays and hope for the best. Safe bet here is Charles, though.

Comment from david: Watch SNF against the Giants or study for two finals on Monday?

Gonzo: Study early, watch the game late. Or skip the studying. If you're on a fantasy chat with me, you're probably doomed to a life of failure anyway.