DeSean Jackson needs a nickname. Apparently, D-Jax isn't enough. Too easy. Too lazy. Not creative enough. The people want a real nickname. Like the Answer.

Here were some proffered during my chat on yesterday: DeGone, Madden Jackson, DeSean the Destroyer, the Incinerator, the Disguster, Knockout Blows, the Bull, and D-Money.

Before bequeathing a nickname on the guy, let him win a Super Bowl first.

On to the questions . . .

Jackson's on-the-field talent aside, are you concerned about his showboating? I think he's a little over the top at times.

- Chetski
I'm not concerned. He backs it up. I like it, actually. Nice to see some personality out there. And I loved the back-bump with Andy Reid. Despite his news conference persona, the coach actually has a sense of humor, and you can tell he genuinely likes Jackson and what he brings to the field. He's letting Jackson be Jackson. He'd been foolish to do otherwise.

There's a fine line between being fun and being obnoxious. Jackson hasn't crossed it yet.

I know it's a huge trade, but it's December and the Eagles are on a winning streak. Is Roy Halladay stealing the Eagles' (ahem, DeSean Jackson's) thunder? Also, how does D-Jackson get so wide open?

- Halla-who
Um, yes. Halladay is. I'm sure the Eagles' front office isn't happy about the Phillies dominating our coverage. Getting Halladay is like getting LeBron James. It's huge. So, yes, the Phils are getting all the ink.

As for No. 10, he gets so open because he is so fast. Defensive backs can't keep up with him. Once he gets a hair behind them, he's gone. With that punt return against the Giants, you saw another of his gifts - his ability to stop on a dime. It's extraordinary how he goes from full speed to standing still in an instant.

Did Andy get any air on that body bump?

- Steve R.
Maybe enough to slide a piece of paper under his feet. Maybe.

Is this December jinx for real with the Cowboys or is this just all on Tony Romo?

- South Street
Romo actually has played pretty well the last couple of weeks. They didn't lose because of him. But the jinx is real. The Cowboys' atrocious December numbers don't lie.

The question now is: What is Jerry Jones going to do about it? You don't stick around as the Cowboys' head coach unless you win a Super Bowl, and Wade Phillips hasn't done that. At one time, Jason Garrett was the heir apparent, but that's no longer the case with the offense stalling time and again at the goal line. I guess Jerry will have to put on his 3-D glasses and figure something out.

Are you surprised by the Eagles' win streak? This has been a monster stretch.

- Jason Eagle
Sort of. When we looked at the schedule before the season started, everybody knew the second half would be tougher than the first, and yet the Eagles are playing better now than they were when they ran ahead to 5-2. They should've crushed a poor Oakland team and should've beaten the Cowboys here. Imagine if they would've done that.

The surprising thing is that the Eagles are 4-1 in the NFC East. That's an impressive stat right there.

Do you see the defense playing better as they get their main starters back during December, and then through the playoffs? I mean, if our defense can play even average against the Saints and/or Vikings, and our offense continues to be this potent, I think we have a fairly good shot at the Super Bowl.

- Gang Green
They can't get there if they don't play better. It's that simple.