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The Top 100 - 2007 Credits

This Top 100 Businesses and Economic Outlook special report is a collaboration of The Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News and

How it was reported: Stock performance, market capitalization and other share-related data were collected from Bloomberg News, which compiles information from company reports, stock exchange data and Securities and Exchange Commission documents.

Data for the largest employers were provided by the employers, with the exceptions of Sears and Bank of America, for whom it was necessary to calculate estimates because they refused to provide information. Partial data and a list of companies considered for inclusion in the list were obtained from Pennsylvania Labor Department data, from county and municipal bond documents, from lists published by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and from publicly available lists.

We'd like your feedback: Do you have updated information on a regional company? Did we miss any major companies? Please contact Inquirer reporter Joseph N. DiStefano or editor Thomas Ginsberg - click on names to send e-mail. (Please continue to send routine press releases to Inquirer Business News.)

Also be sure to visit the

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. There we welcome your gripes, praise and comments about companies, business conditions and economic prospects around Philadelphia. No profanity or personal assaults, please. It is a moderated forum.

This special section was written, edited and produced by the following individuals:



Beto Alvarez, Staff Artist (cover illustration)

Kevin Burkett, AME/Presentation (print version)

Sterling Chen, Page Designer (print version)

John Duchneskie, Graphics Editor

John Tierno, Staff Artist

Joseph N. DiStefano, Staff Writer

Jane M. Von Bergen, Staff Writer

Rhonda Dickey, Copy Editor

Thomas Ginsberg, Assistant Business Editor



Bradley C. Bower, photographer

David Maialetti, Photographer

Alejandro A. Alvarez, Photographer

Curt Hudson, Photographer

Mark C. Psoras, Photographer


Becky Batcha, Staff Writer

Jon Weir, Copy Editor

Karin Berry, Copy Editor

Wendy Warren, Assistant Managing Editor



Gregory Gilderman, Multimedia Producer

Jillian Hoover, Web Designer

Akweli Parker, Online Producer

Caleb Wilkerson, Multimedia Producer