Here are the players with local affiliations who are hoping to get drafted today or tomorrow. (In order of expected selection.)

Name                   Pos.    College          Height    Weight

Levi Brown

OT    Penn State          6-4       328

Could be a top 10 pick.

Paul Posluszny            LB    Penn State          6-1      237

A likely first-rounder.

Brian Leonard            RB    Rutgers             6-1       238

Could go anywhere from early second to late third round.

Tony Hunt                RB    Penn State          6-0       230

A late second or early to middle third-rounder.

Tim Shaw                LB    Penn State          6-1       237

Has the look of a solid third-round choice.

Turk McBride             DL    Tennessee          6-4      276

Former Woodrow Wilson High star who is projected in the late- second- to fourth-round range.

Ben Patrick                TE    Delaware          6-3½       254

Might be the third TE taken, from late-second to the third round.

Clark Harris                TE    Rutgers             6-5       261

Could be a first-day selection.

Jay Alford                DT    Penn State          6-3       304

Likely second-day pick who could sneak into the third round.

Cameron Stephenson       G       Rutgers             6-3       306

Benched 225 pounds 34 times at the combine; could go as early as the late third round.

Joseph Porter             CB    Rutgers             5-10       198

With sub 4.4 speed, could be a late-round pick.

Byron Westbrook          CB    Salisbury State    5-10      192

Brother of Eagle Brian likely to be signed as a free agent.

Brendan Carney             P       Syracuse          6-4      203

Malvern Prep graduate a potential free-agent signee who can also kick off.

Christian Gaddis          C       Villanova          6-1      300

Has heard from a number of teams and could sign a free-agent contract.

- Marc Narducci