It's been a tale of two vastly different Aprils for New York's two third basemen.

Through the first 20 games, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was hitting .378 with 14 homers and 34 RBIs and teammate Jason Giambi was likening him to "the big kid in Little League."

Across town, Mets third baseman David Wright was hitting .263 with no homers and four RBIs in his first 20 games.

Wright's drop in power is perplexing. He hit 27 homers in 2005. He had 20 at the all-star break last season, but only six in the second half.

Like Bobby Abreu the year before, Wright participated in the all-star home run derby last season. He finished second to Ryan Howard in the competition.

Critics of home run derbies have said they can hurt the mechanics of a swing. It didn't hurt Howard last year, but Abreu in 2005 and Wright have both experienced power drops.

In 2005, Abreu hit 18 homers for the Phillies before the break. He won the home run derby, then hit just six homers after that.