IT JUST KEEPS getting harder and harder

to be a cycling fan.

Danish cycler Michael Rasmussen says he

considered suicide after being kicked out of the Tour de France this year.

Rasmussen was tossed on July 25 after winning the 16th stage when officials determined he lied about his whereabouts to avoid a doping test

before the race.

At the time of his ouster, Rasmussen was the overall leader.

"Five hours after I stood on the podium, I was sitting alone. My whole world had collapsed," Rasmussen told the Dutch daily De Telegraaf. "Luckily I couldn't find a rope in the [hotel] room, otherwise I would not be here now."

Rasmussen was fired from his team, Rabobank, which said he had "deliberately provided incorrect whereabouts information on multiple occasions" to avoid doping checks.

Last month, Rasmussen admitted he lied to the International Cycling Union about where he was before the Tour de France, but has denied doping and lying to his former team.

These guys lie so much, they can't even

remember who they are and aren't lying to.

Dumb is as dumb does

On Friday, in colleague Paul Domowitch's 2-minute drill, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter was quoted as saying: "It means that everybody out there ain't as dumb as they look."

He was talking about the oddsmakers making his winless team a 1 1/2-point favorite against the visiting Jets. Yesterday, Porter's club dropped to 0-12 when it got thumped, 40-13.

Only in Vegas

Great event in colleague Ed Barkowitz's

favorite vacation spot, Las Vegas. A marathon there yesterday featured a Run- Thru Wedding Chapel

at mile 5, and 56 couples signed up to get married.

Hey, anyone can claim temporary insanity when running 26 miles, right? *

- Bob Cooney

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