With the new season comes a new policy for the Markward Basketball Club, which has honored city basketball players since 1946-47.

Girls are now part of the fun.

Dennis W. Hill, Markward secretary, said club directors felt outstanding female players also needed to be recognized. He added, "This will also increase our membership to help us with scholarships and expenses as we continue to honor the players in the various leagues.''

The club's first luncheon for 2007-08 will be held tomorrow, 12:30, at the Valley View Inn, on Domino Lane, off Ridge Avenue, in Roxborough. The luncheons are open to the public. For tickets and further info, contact Hill at 215-370-9334.

This week's honorees: females, Caroline Doty, Germantown Academy; Jill Barrett, Central; males, Joe Hill, GA; Steven Leath and Lamar Trice, Imhotep Charter.

Also, former Frankford football coach Al Angelo will be honored for his contributions to high school sports. *