Monumental moments during Billy King's tenure with the Sixers:

June 2, 1997: Named vice president of basketball operations after serving 4 years as an assistant coach under Larry Brown with the Indiana Pacers.

June 20, 1997: Traded Clarence Weatherspoon and Michael Cage

to Boston for Dino Radja.

June 24, 1997: The Weatherspoon-Radja deal nullified when Radja fails a physical examination.

June 25, 1997: Traded No. 2 draft pick (Keith Van Horn) to the Nets in an eight-player deal that included the acquisition

of Jimmy Jackson, Eric Montross and Tim Thomas.

Dec. 18, 1997: Acquired Theo Ratliff, Aaron McKie and a first-round pick from Detroit for Jerry Stackhouse, Eric Montross and a second-round pick.

Jan. 18, 1998: Acquired Eric Snow from Seattle for a second-round pick.

Feb. 17, 1998: Traded Clarence Weatherspoon and Jimmy Jackson to Golden State for Joe Smith and Brian Shaw.

May 19, 1998: Promoted to general manager.

June 24, 1998: Traded a future first-round pick to Utah for Nazr Mohammed.

Jan. 26, 1999: Signed Allen Iverson to a 6-year extension worth $70.9 million.

Feb. 16, 2000: Acquired Toni Kukoc in a three-way deal that included sending Larry Hughes and Billy Owens to Golden State.

April 5, 2000: King was given a new, 5-year contract.

Feb. 22, 2001: Acquired Dikembe Mutombo and Roshown McLeod from Atlanta for Toni Kukoc, Nazr Mohammed, Theo Ratliff and Pepe Sanchez.

May 20, 2001: Sixers beat Toronto in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

June 3, 2001: Sixers beat Milwaukee in seven games to advance to the NBA Finals for the first time since 1983.

June 6, 2001: An overtime win over the Lakers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals is punctuated by Allen Iverson's three-pointer from the corner over fallen Lakers guard Tyronn Lue.

June 15, 2001: The Lakers beat the Sixers for the fourth time in a row to capture the NBA championship.

May 7, 2002: Allen Iverson holds a news conference questioning the value of "practice."

Aug. 6, 2002: Traded Dikembe Mutombo to the Nets for Todd MacCulloch and Keith Van Horn.

May 26, 2003: Promoted to team president.

June 20, 2003: Named Randy Ayers head coach, replacing Larry Brown.

July 23, 2003: Acquired Glenn Robinson in a four-team deal that sent Keith Van Horn to New York.

Sept. 24, 2003: Signs Allen Iverson to a 4-year extension worth $104.8 million.

Feb. 10, 2004: Fired Randy Ayers, replacing him with Chris Ford.

April 21, 2004: Hired Jim O'Brien as head coach, replacing Chris Ford.

June 24, 2004: Drafted Andre Iguodala with the ninth overall pick.

July 20, 2004: Traded Eric Snow to Cleveland for Kevin Ollie and Kedrick Brown.

Feb. 23, 2005: Acquired Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley from Sacramento for Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson.

Feb. 24, 2005: Traded Glenn Robinson to New Orleans for Rodney Rogers and Jamal Mashburn.

May 3, 2005: Lost to Detroit in five games in a first-round series, the last postseason appearance by the Sixers.

May 23, 2005: Fired Jim O'Brien and hired Maurice Cheeks as head coach.

Aug. 12, 2005: Waived Aaron McKie.

April 18, 2006: Sixers suffer a public-relations black eye when Allen Iverson and Chris Webber show up late for what would turn out to be the final Fan Appreciation Night of Iverson's Sixers career.

Dec. 8, 2006: Allen Iverson begins what ends up being an eight-game banishment when he's told not to show up for a game against the Wizards.

Dec. 19, 2006: Traded Allen Iverson and Ivan McFarlin to Denver for Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first-round picks.

Dec. 4, 2007: Fired by Sixers and replaced by Ed Stefanski, the former Penn player who was the general manager of the Nets.

- Ed Barkowitz