Allen Iverson: "I know a lot of people expect me to be happy about something like [Billy King's firing], but honestly, I'm not. You hate to see somebody lose their job, especially when they got a family. That's their livelihood. I just wish him the best and wish the organization the best."

Rod Thorn, Nets president: "I'm very happy for Ed. I think it's a great opportunity for him. One that he's certainly highly ready for ... On a personal level, we'll miss him a lot. I think he was instrumental in the success we've had here over the past six-plus seasons - with his personality, with his acumen, very competent individual and who did a great job for us. I can't say enough about that."

Lawrence Frank, Nets coach: "He's made an unbelievable contribution to the organization. He has been involved in every facet. He's as good a human being as there is. This sounds like a eulogy. He's going to be missed, but we're so happy for him, being a Philly guy."

Speedy Morris: "When I was coaching and he was playing [in high school], he'd always come up before the games, after the games. He invited me to his graduation party. I went. I gave him 5 or 10 bucks. We've been very good friends ever since."

Chuck Daly, Stefanski's coach at Penn: "If I were a fan living in Philadelphia, I'd be very excited."