PHILADELPHIA, LONG KNOWN for its sports crazy fans, is hoping to host the Olympics some day.

If that happens, officials will probably study what other cities have done to pull off such a massive undertaking.

Well, they can skip Beijing, site of next year's Games. That city has formed the Beijing Civilized Workers Cheering Squad, whose job it is to learn and implement cheers approved by authorities.

At a recent practice, about 150 members of the squad chanted: "Zhongguo, Zhongguo - ha, ha, ha. Zhongguo, Zhongguo bi sheng. Jia you, jia you."

Roughly translated, that means: "China, China - ha, ha, ha. China, China must win. Let's go, let's go."

"Civilization equals order," said Zhang Ran, who led the drill. "We need to express the same slogans, think the same and behave the same way. That's how we become civilized."


Looks like Brett made right decision

Last year around this time, Packers quarterback Brett Favre was contemplating retirement.

Yesterday, he was named the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.

Favre - in his 16th year in the NFL - is only the fourth quarterback selected in the award's 53-year history. The others: Terry Bradshaw (1979), Joe Montana (1990) and Tom Brady (2005).

A market for prechewed food

Hard to believe, but people are collecting scraps of food left behind by David Beckham and putting them on Internet auction sites or keeping them as souvenirs. Someone scoffed up a french fry allegedly dropped by soccer star during his

recent visit to New England and put it up for bid on the Net. Not surprisingly, some dope offered one New Zealand dollar for it (about 76 cents in U.S. money). Other scavengers made off with a half-eaten ear of corn, a half-empty soda bottle, a plate and cutlery. *

- Tom Mahon

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