MOST DAYS, ONE sports topic grabs our fleeting H & I attention. Today, there are too many items that interest us.

* We see Florida State has named offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher to replace Bobby Bowden as its football coach, assuming Bowden ever retires. Bowden is 78 years old. Since the sport is a whole lot more about recruiting than offensive-guard technique, this move keeps the Seminoles in play with high school players.

Perhaps Penn State, with a coach who will turn 81 years old next week, should consider the same thing. Can't hurt, right?

* The NBA, based in New York, has lived with the daily embarrassment of the sexual harassment case brought by a former Knicks executive. Anucha Browne Sanders sued and won the case against Knicks coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden, with testimony revealing repeated brazen sexual behavior.

Yesterday, MSG and Thomas reached an $11.5 million settlement. Not a day too soon, or a penny too cheap, for the NBA, which has enough problems without having to worry about horny, vulgar employees at one of its flagship franchises.

* That Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden misled

everyone about Jeff Garcia's back injury isn't

a surprise; it's what happens in the NFL.

That he admitted it shocks us. Gruden never

reported that Garcia was going to miss games.

"I just don't think the opponent needs to know exactly who to prepare for," Gruden said. "I don't believe I should apologize, but I don't feel like we have to divulge everything or let everyone know exactly where it is in terms of the timetable for Jeff."

* We think 2 weeks between the conference

championship games and the Super Bowl is a week too much. Of course, college football is

even worse. Ohio State last played on Nov. 17.

The Buckeyes next will play in the national title game on Jan. 7.

Nothing like a 51-day layover to keep those football skills sharp. You would think that in 51 days, they might be able to squeeze in playoffs. *

- Chuck Bausman

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