Stewart Bradley and Akeem Jordan vs. Marshawn Lynch

A season finale between 7-8 teams with no chance of making the playoffs should be about rookies, and so this game is.

The Bills' Lynch has already proven that he is the feature running back of the team's future. He is just one of two rookies and one of 10 running backs to go over 1,000 yards this season.

With young quarterback Trent Edwards struggling in his last two games, the Bills will try to manage the game and run the football against the Eagles.

Bradley and Jordan got the first extended playing time at their respective linebacker positions last week against the Saints and turned in outstanding performances.

If Bradley, who had an interception and sack in his first NFL start, and Jordan, who was credited with six tackles by the coaching staff, can duplicate their performances for a second straight week, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson should go into the off-season feeling ecstatic about his linebacking corps.