Bullpen baker

We have another weird Yankee admission on the heels of Jason Giambi's disclosing he wears a good-luck thong to try to snap out of prolonged slumps, and has shared it with Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon. The New York Daily News reported that New York reliever Kyle Farnsworth competes against his fiancée in a family bake-off every off-season and usually kicks her butter. "We have a bake-off every year and the kids are the judges," said Shayla Pert, his fiancée. "He always wins. I think he pays them. He's a great baker. He's Betty Crocker. He makes the best peanut-butter cookies ever." Fortunately, despite its potential for embarrassment, people in the Yankees clubhouse are too busy swapping underwear to razz Farnsworth about this.

Owners may hold out

Sorry to obsess on the Yankees, but let's face it, when they are in last place, they are a never-ending fountain of Low & Outside material. One of the key players in this regard is Yanks owner Hank Steinbrenner, who seems intent on making his bombastic father look like Ruly Carpenter. "Son of Boss" was at it again recently, telling the New York Daily News that "what bothers me is that these guys are all working for me and my brother, and they're all making more money than we are. That's what makes me mad." We sense a holdout in Hank's future.

MVP trivia

Since NYU's commencement last week took place at Yankee Stadium, school officials included a little baseball trivia in the program. It noted that when Barry Bonds won back-to-back MVPs in 1991-92, he became the 10th player to accomplish the double. Coincidentally, the nine others who did it before Bonds came from each of the nine positions. They were pitcher Hal Newhouser ('44, '45), catcher Yogi Berra ('54, '55), first baseman Jimmie Foxx ('32, '33), second baseman Joe Morgan ('75, '76), shortstop Ernie Banks ('58, '59), third baseman Mike Schmidt ('80, '81), and outfielders Roger Maris ('60, '61), Dale Murphy ('82, '83) and Mickey Mantle ('56, '57).

Palmer and Weaver together forever

The Baltimore Orioles have a lot working against them. There's Peter Angelos, Peter Angelos, and, of course, Peter Angelos. But while the fallen franchise can't seem to produce a winning season, it is pretty good at coming up with creative giveaways. In Tim McCarver's new book,

Diamond Gems,

former manager Earl Weaver describes a bobblehead that featured him and his nemesis, pitcher Jim Palmer. "There's one head, with Palmer on one side and I'm on the other," said Weaver. "If you touch me, the bobblehead will go up and down signifying 'yes.' And if you touch him, the head will go from side to side, signifying 'no.' We couldn't agree on anything."


It never fails. Pitchers from the American League, who never hit otherwise, out-batted the National League hurlers by a wide margin during games in NL parks the first weekend of interleague play. They went 10 for 47 while NL pitchers went 2 for 37. . . . Alex Rodriquez, sidelined since April 28 with a strained right quad, went 2 for 6 in an extended-spring-training game yesterday and is expected to rejoin the slumping Yanks tonight.

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