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No doubt there are names and events in this 50-question quiz that you'd prefer to forget. Still, if you're game, see what you can remember of the people and outcomes that have made being a fan here so enjoyable and

No doubt there are names

and events in this 50-question quiz that you'd prefer to

forget. Still, if you're game, see what you can remember of the people and outcomes that have made being a fan here so enjoyable and

maddening since June 1, 1983. Answers are on Page 116.

General topics

1. Seven Philadelphia teams have made it to their respective championships during the drought. All seven lost. Pick the player who was not an MVP in those series.

a. Rick Dempsey b. Ron Hextall

c. Deion Branch d. Joe Carter

2. The home arena for the Flyers and Sixers in the South Philadelphia sports complex has had three names since it opened in 1996. Put the names in the correct order.

a. CoreStates Center, First Union Center, Wachovia Center

b. First Union Center, CoreStates Center, Wachovia Center

c. Citizens Center, First Union Center, Wachovia Center

3. Which team had the worst winning percentage?

a. 1998 Eagles

b. 2006-07 Flyers

c. 2000 Phillies

d. 1995-96 Sixers

4. How many seconds did it take to reduce the Vet to rubble on that sunny March morning in 2004?

a. 25 b. 83

c. 61 d. 88


5. Which Phillie who started his career after 1983 played in the most games?

a. Jimmy Rollins b. Bobby Abreu

c. Mike Lieberthal

6. Who was the Phillies' Opening Day starter in the first game at Citizens Bank Park?

a. Brett Myers

b. Jon Lieber

c. Cole Hamels

d. Randy Wolf

7. On the night the Sixers were winning the title, Charles Hudson was making his major league debut for the Phillies a few miles away in Dodger Stadium. Which of these is not true about Hudson's first season in the bigs?

a. He beat the Dodgers in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series.

b. He wound up homering twice that year.

c. He finished 8-8 with a 3.35 ERA.

d. He lost that opener, 4-1, yielding a homer to Greg Brock.

8. Who held the Phillies' single-season home run record before Ryan Howard?

a. Mike Schmidt b. Greg Luzinski

c. Jim Thome d. Chuck Klein

9. Which team did the Phillies beat on July 3, 1993, at 4:40 a.m. on a Mitch Williams RBI single?

a. Milwaukee

b. New York Mets

c. San Diego

d. Pittsburgh

10. In the past 25 years, who is the only No. 1 overall pick who has played in a regular-season game for the Phillies?

a. Cole Hamels b. Pat Burrell

c. Scott Rolen

11. In 1985, Mike Schmidt played more games at first base (106) than third (54). Who was the Phillies' regular third baseman that season?

a. Tom Foley

b. Rick Schu

c. Chris James

12. How many Phillies pitchers have registered a 20-win season since 1983?

a. Zero b. Two c. Three

13. Name the Phillies rookie to hit three homers in one game.

a. Ryan Howard

b. Juan Samuel

c. Bobby Estallela

d. Scott Rolen

14. The record for most losses in a season by a pitcher during the 25-year drought is 17, held by:

a. Jerry Koosman

b. Mark Leiter

c. Don Carman

d. Shane Rawley

15. The Sixers' parade route hadn't even been cleaned when this longtime Phillies starting pitcher took the mound for what would be his last major league start on June 3, 1983 in San Diego.

a. Larry Christenson

b. Dick Ruthven

c. Marty Bystrom


16. Who scored the Flyers' first goal at the arena now known as the Wachovia Center.

a. John LeClair

b. Rod Brind'Amour

c. Dainius Zubrus

d. Joel Otto

17. The record for most points in a season by a Flyer is 123. It is held by:

a.John LeClair

b. Eric Lindros

c. Mark Recchi

d. Tim Kerr

18. Find the one thing not true about Ryan Sittler, the Flyers' top draft pick in 1992.

a.He is the son of former Flyer and Hall of Famer Darryl Sittler.

b.He was the seventh pick overall.

c.He was taken after Mike Rathje (third, by San Jose) and before Sergei Gonchar (14th, by Washington).

d.He played in an NHL game with the Flyers.

19. Bill Barber finished his term as Flyers captain after the 1982-83 season. Eleven players have been captain since. Which one of these players was not one of the 11 to wear the "C" on his jersey?

a.Kevin Dineen

b. John LeClair

c. Dave Poulin

d. Derian Hatcher

20. Who joined Eric Lindros and John LeClair to form the Flyers' famed Legion of Doom line that led them to the 1997 Stanley Cup finals?

a.Rod Brind'Amour

b.Mikael Renberg

c. Chris Gratton

d.Paul Coffey

21. Who was in net for the Flyers in their first game following the death of Pelle Lindbergh in 1985?

a.Glenn Resch

b.Ron Hextall

c. Darren Jensen

d.Bob Froese

22. Pelle Eklund notched a team playoff-record 24 assists in the Flyers' 1987 postseason that ended with a Game 7 loss to Edmonton in the Stanley Cup finals.


b. False

23. A much heralded and very disappointing Flyers free agent center who wore Nos. 55 and 77:

a.Len Hachborn

b. Chris Gratton

c. Joel Otto

d.Darryl Sittler

24. Who's the only Flyer to accumulate 300 single-season penalty minutes in the last 25 years?

a.Craig Berube

b. Donald Brashear

c. Rick Tocchet

25. Among the infamous trades of the past 25 years was the March 2002 deal for Billy Tibbetts, he of the checkered past (rape, assault and battery). Exactly who did the Flyers give to Pittsburgh in exchange?

a. Jiri Dopita

b.Jesse Boulerice

c. Adam Oates

d.Kent Manderville

26. You knew it was going to be a long season when ... the Flyers missed on how many chances in a 5-4 shootout loss to the Rangers in October 2006?


b. 8

c. 13

27. In the last 25 years, only three Flyers have scored at least 50 goals in a season. They were:

a. John LeClair, Tim Kerr, Mark Recchi

b.John LeClair, Eric Lindros, Brian Propp

c. Tim Kerr, Eric Lindros, Brian Propp


28. Who was the only strike-replacement player to throw a touchdown for the 1987 Eagles?

a. Scott Tinsley

b. Guido Merkens

c. Marty Horn

29. First-round bust Jon Harris was drafted by the Eagles in 1997 out of which school?


b. Clemson

c. Illinois


30. How many NFC East titles have the Eagles won since 1983?

a.Five b. Six c. Seven

31. Who did Tampa Bay take with the 12th pick in the 1995 draft, the one the Eagles gave them in exchange for the chance to draft Mike Mamula?

a. Mike Alstott

b. Warren Sapp

c. Derrick Brooks

d.Trent Dilfer

32. Which Eagles player has caught the most touchdown passes from Donovan McNabb?

a. Chad Lewis

b. Terrell Owens

c. Brian Westbrook

33. Which Eagles defensive unit over the past 20 years gave up the fewest points over a 16-game season?

a. Buddy Ryan's unit in 1989, a team that went 11-5

b.Rich Kotite's first team in 1991, which went 10-6

c. Ray Rhodes' 1996 unit, which went 10-6.

d.Andy Reid's 2001 group, which went 11-5.

34. Who scored the last Eagles touchdown at Veterans Stadium (in a playoff game) and the first Eagles regular-season touchdown at Lincoln Financial Field?

a. Donovan McNabb

b.Todd Pinkston

c. Duce Staley

35. Which head coach had the best winning percentage with the Eagles?

a.Marion Campbell

b.Buddy Ryan

c. Rich Kotite

d. Ray Rhodes

36. The Eagles went to four consecutive NFC Championship Games from the 2001 through the 2004 seasons. Name their opponents in order.

a.St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Atlanta

b. St. Louis, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Atlanta

c. Tampa Bay, Carolina, NY Giants, Atlanta

d.Carolina, NY Giants, Atlanta, Tampa Bay

37. This man was NOT an offensive coordinator for the Eagles:

a. Ted Plumb

b. Zeke Bratkowski

c. Dale Haupt

d.Dana Bible

38. How many interceptions did Carolina's Ricky Manning Jr. have in the Panthers' NFC Championship Game victory over the Eagles on Jan. 18, 2004?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three


39. What was the final score of the Fog Bowl?

(Five points for each team's score you get right; deduct five points if you have to ask what it was, who played or which team won)

a. Bears 28, Eagles 16

b. Bears 20, Eagles 12

c. Bears 14, Eagles 13

40. The longest punt return in Eagles history occurred within the last 25 years. Who had it?

a.Brian Westbrook

b. Vai Sikahema

c. Brian Mitchell


41. The four players selected ahead of Charles Barkley in the 1984 draft were:

a.Akeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie, Michael Jordan and Xavier McDaniel

b.Olajuwon, Bowie, Jordan and Sam Perkins

c. Olajuwon, Bowie, Jordan and Mel Turpin

42. Allen Iverson famously stepped over which Los Angeles Lakers player in Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals?

a.Kobe Bryant

b.Tyronn Lue

c. Rick Fox

d. Derek Fisher

43. Allen Iverson led the Sixers in scoring in each of his seasons in Philadelphia. Which of his sidekicks averaged the most points in a season but still finished second to Iverson?

a.Chris Webber, 2005-06

b.Jerry Stackhouse, 1996-97

c. Derrick Coleman, 1997-98

d.Glenn Robinson, 2003-04

44. The 1993-94 Sixers Opening Night starting lineup consisted of Johnny Dawkins, Jeff Hornacek, Shawn Bradley, Clarence Weatherspoon and:

a.Tim Perry

b.Jeff Malone

c. Warren Kidd

d. Greg Graham

45. Name the only Sixer not named Allen Iverson to have scored more than 51 points in a regular-season game over the last quarter-century?

a. Willie Burton

b. Dana Barros

c. Jerry Stackhouse

46. Which team defeated the defending NBA champion Sixers in the 1984 playoffs?

a.New Jersey Nets

b.Boston Celtics

c. Milwaukee Bucks

d. Washington Bullets

47. Which of these players never led the Sixers in scoring for a season?

a. Dana Barros.

b.Hersey Hawkins.

c. Jeff Hornacek.

48. The 1986 draft-day transaction that sent Moses Malone packing and replaced him with Jeff Ruland set the franchise back for years. Ruland made a comeback 5 years later with the Sixers. What happened?

a. He averaged 18 points a game and made fans forget about Malone.

b.He hung around long enough to teach Manute Bol how to shoot the 17-footer.

c. He played 13 games and got run down by a luggage cart in a weird accident at Logan Airport in Boston, finishing him as a Sixer.

49. Over the last 25 years, five different overall No. 1 picks have played for the Sixers. Find the one who's not among them.

a. Derrick Coleman

b.Glenn Robinson

c. Bob McAdoo

d. Joe Smith

50. Who was the only Sixer to wear uniform No. 34 after Charles Barkley?

a.Jumaine Jones

b. Glenn Robinson

c. Terry Cummings *