Kixx owner Jeff Rotwitt said yesterday that area fans can expect to see his team play next season, despite the fact the Major Indoor Soccer League announced Monday that it was suspending operations.

The Kixx have played in the MISL since its inception in 2001. On Saturday, the league officially disbanded.

"It's a restructuring," Rotwitt said. "It's not really a demise. We'll sort through the issues, and by July 4, they should be resolved. The Kixx is a strong franchise, and we will be playing next year."

Rotwitt said that topics of disagreement among the owners included the length of the schedule and when the season should begin and end. The MISL season has run from September to May, with all teams playing 30 games.

"Like most pro teams, we lost money," Rotwitt said. "But we had our best year ever in terms of sponsorships and attendance. And now we're trying to figure out ways to help" the bottom line.

A restructuring could mean that some teams will wind up in other leagues. The MISL also has teams in Baltimore, Newark, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Monterrey, Mexico. The California franchise pulled out of the MISL after this past season, and commissioner Steve Ryan resigned after eight years in office.

"Travel factored into everyone's thinking in one direction or another," Rotwitt said. "But among the nine teams, the issue of travel was a bigger issue for some than it was for others. Monterrey, for instance, had to go everywhere by airplane. That's why we're looking to create regional rivalries. That's one way to cut down on the cost of travel."

This year, the Kixx finished in sixth place with a 12-18 record and did not make the playoffs.

"Different teams have different feelings about the issues," said Rotwitt, whose Kixx won the MISL title in 2001 and 2007. "Should it be like baseball, where you play an unbalanced schedule, and play [mostly] teams in your division? And fewer games could be the answer. Maybe, some of the MISL teams will form a new league. And if we lose some teams, there are cities that would put forth one in a second."