Seems that whenever I turn on Comcast SportsNet, Michael Barkann's mug is staring back. Whether he's orchestrating Daily News Live or the Eagles pre- and postgame shows, he's the point guard who makes the station's premier programs run.

The omnipresent TV personality paused just long enough to talk about the Eagles, the governor and how a little eyeliner goes a long way.

Gonzo: Thanks for doing this.

Barkann: Oh yeah, I can't wait until I end up on the soup line because of you. "Barkann spoke to Gonzo, and now he's looking for work. I hear he has a lead in Wisconsin."

Wisconsin is beautiful in December - 20 below, but not a cloud in the sky. Now then, what are the chances the Eagles beat the Giants?

The chances are good. They always seem to pull through when the chips are down. I think they'll rebound, and the Plaxico mess helps. Watch, now [the Eagles] will lose, 35-0.

OK, let's say they win. What's the overall state of the Eagles moving forward?

Not good. Their chances of making the playoffs improve greatly if they beat the Giants. But if they don't run the ball more than Andy Reid has in the past, they're going to have problems. Eventually, what you are catches up with you. Long term, for this team, it will be difficult for them to win the Super Bowl. Not that they can't, I just don't think they will.

If they don't, would you rebuild after this season?

McNabb still has a gun of an arm and he can run - not as well as before the injury, but well enough. If you're sticking with Reid - and there's every indication they will - then why get rid of Donovan? Because he's 32? [Kevin] Kolb is untested. McNabb isn't. Then again, if the standard is the Super Bowl, to quote Bill Parcells, "you are what you are." We've seen what Reid and McNabb are like in big games, and that speaks for itself. Good enough to get you there, but. . . .

Bigger train wreck: McNabb not knowing the OT rules or your legendary/awkward US Open interview with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David?

Very funny. I knew you'd throw out something like this. The Seinfeld interview was definitely worse. I was a huge Seinfeld fan. Underscore "was." Also, note that I'm laughing here. Because it's still funny. But he should have just said, "not tonight." He didn't want to talk. Larry David was into it. Seinfeld wasn't.

You're constantly on TV. Are you ever NOT on TV? Are you doing a show right now while I interview you?

Yes. We're on live right now. It's called "the Bar-cam." I'm like a night light. I flicker in the dark.

When I interviewed Kathy Romano, she hinted that initially, upon joining the Eagles pre- and postgame shows, she wasn't well-received. But she wouldn't say who gave her the cold shoulder. It was you, wasn't it, Barkann?

It was. I said to myself, "We don't need an intelligent, cute, sports-loving woman on the show. There's no room for that!" Seriously, I've known Kathy for a while, so I knew she'd be wonderful. No one said anything about hiring her, I swear.

Give the readers some Gov. Rendell dirt. Does he drink from a hip flask during commercials or throw things at his aides? Just between us.

Oh sure! He was with President-elect Obama this week. He's got a little pull. You ain't getting squat from me, pal. The one thing about the gov, he calls it like he sees it. He has a fan's enthusiasm and such obvious intelligence. That shines through.

I play hoops with Marshall Harris and Ron Burke. Why aren't you out there crossing people over and breaking ankles?

I would be on one side of the court, and my hamstring and calf would be on the other. I used to play pickup hoops all the time. I ripped my calf muscle about seven years ago. I'm over it.

Last one. Who looks better in man makeup - you or Neil Hartman?

Neil. He likes rouge and lipstick. Just kidding, Neil. Just kidding. It's important that people know we only wear makeup because we like it. It's a lot of fun.

Like the Eagles, my fantasy team is still alive - barely. While hoping my guys pull off a miracle, here are some start/bench suggestions:


QB: Tyler Thigpen, Matt Ryan, Brett Favre

RB: Thomas Jones, Matt Forte, Michael Turner

WR: Jerricho Cotchery, Roddy White, Lance Moore

TE: Tony Scheffler, Dustin Keller, Bo Scaife


QB: Joe Flacco, Kyle Orton, Matt Hasselbeck

RB: Jamal Lewis, Kevin Smith, Willie Parker

WR: Anthony Gonzalez, Marvin Harrison, Derrick Mason

TE: Todd Heap, Heath Miller, Vernon Davis

Sunday Sixer

Last week: 4-2

Season: 40-25-6

Falcons +3 over SAINTS: Apparently Vegas doesn't believe in Atlanta. I do.

Browns/TITANS under 37.5: Cleveland is down to its third-string quarterback, and it's playing the best defense in the league.

Jets -4 over 49ERS: This line is kind of small, no?

Pats -4.5 over SEAHAWKS: Nothing helps a team rebound from a loss like playing Seattle.

Cowboys +3 over STEELERS: In a game featuring two good teams, I'll always take the points.

GIANTS -6.5 over Eagles: Did you see Stephen Colbert's bit about "A man named Plaxico"? If not, Google it posthaste.