While wondering if I could have ducked those shoes, it's time for another look inside the e-mail bag.

Mo took the fall for Ed Stefanski. End of story. A personal note: when my grandson was born, my son named him Mo (short for Maurice). I got Cheeks to call my son to congratulate him and thank him for naming his firstborn after Cheeks. It was a great moment for my son, a devoted Sixers fan.

- Harmon

I'm not sure if Cheeks took the fall for Stefanski, but he deserved more time to develop the team. When they signed Elton Brand - who, unlike me, will never hear people call him "Speedy" - they had to know he would slow down the very style that once made them successful.

Terrific story about your son. You should encourage him to finish the thought and name his next kid "Cheeks." The children will be the envy of their classmates.

- Gonzo

Mo's a class guy, and he has a relationship with this town that predates and outlasts this service. That trumps anything this administration can do. They can't take away his ring, either. And if we ever had a doubt as to whether we loved this guy, it was alleviated by that famous assist he gave that little girl in Portland who struggled to finish the national anthem.

- Robin

Since everyone's telling Mo stories, here's one: At his press conference the other day, Howard Eskin was trying to get him to critique the organization, but he wouldn't do it. Instead, Cheeks just changed the subject. Out of nowhere, he said, "You look good, Howard."

"Wow. We have to get you some glasses," SportsNet's Dei Lynam immediately quipped.

Add one more assist to Mo's career total.

- Gonzo

If the Eagles make the playoffs but don't win it all, you think it's not a successful season? Thirty-one out of 32 teams don't win a Super Bowl each year.

- Knight Rider
Knight Rider,

True enough. But the core of this team has been together for a while now. Five or 10 years ago, making the playoffs was an accomplishment for them. I just don't think that's the case any longer. When you raise the bar, it means you can no longer limbo under it.

Incidentally, is Knight Rider your given name? Tough draw.

- Gonzo

I think you were the first nitwit to bring up Santa being pelted with snowballs 40 years ago. Why you know that is scary and beyond me.


The editors told me. Think of them as Santa's little helpers that way. They operate behind the scenes, helping us deliver stories to good boys and girls. Also, many of them have elfish features.

- Gonzo

I don't see how Mets fans could boo Cole Hamels with a straight face.  Even a Mets fan would have to admit that Hamels was right on the money.  Until they win something, Mets fans should be booing the Mets, nobody else.

- David

Love the part where you tell them to shut up until they win something. The championship has provided exactly the kind of unchecked power I'd hoped. When I was in Boston, the New Englanders were condescending twits - always going on about their titles. Now it's Philly's turn to be smug. Feels good, right?

- Gonzo

Wildcat formation is one name for it. Another name is "junk football." It's an act of desperation and a slap in the face to the O line.

 - Michael

I don't mind the gadget plays, provided that you pick the right spot. I don't want DeSean Jackson playing quarterback in the red zone, just as I don't want David Hasselhoff singing the national anthem (which he's doing tomorrow at the Las Vegas Bowl). I like Jackson playing receiver. And I prefer 'Hoff when he's eating a cheeseburger off his hotel room floor.

- Gonzo

Can you remind me exactly when Bob Ford took vacation? Wasn't it somewhere between the Ravens and Cardinals games? So, Ford goes away, and Donovan and Andy turn the season around. Coincidence? I think Ford needs to go back on vacation for another couple weeks - at least (and preferably) until February.

- Ian

Just until February? What's the hurry?

- Gonzo

Does anyone really care about the Sixers anymore?

- Richard

If the Eagles play against the Redskins or Cowboys the way they did against the Browns, they'll be playing golf in January. The Cleveland game was a chance to practice the running game, but the big cheesesteak eater will never learn.

- Joe F.

While I loved Mo as a player, and was hoping he could transfer his knack for winning as a coach, I'm not torn up about his release. I'm not sure why, but I never got the feeling the players responded to him.

- Joe O.