Eagles disappoint

Andy must go. Fatally flawed game plan right out of the gate. I've seen it too many times. Yes, I know there were drops, etc. and McNabb played [badly], but I still place this on Andy.

Defense played well

So disappointing. TB hands them control of their destiny, and they then go and fumble it away in a pitiful offensive display. Defense played a great game and really shut them down, especially in 2H.

Ticked me off

You know what really [ticked] me off yesterday and has [ticked] me off all season, Captain Overpaid dropping yet another surefire, potential game-changing INT. Yes, he made the Pro Bowl, but that is ludicrous. Samuel was and is a bust. How many game-changing INTs has that guy dropped this year? Nothing but God and green grass in front of him, and he drops a ball that hits him in the chest. This guy is a loser. He was a loser when he dropped the Super Bowl-clinching INT last season, and he is a loser now. I hated this free agent signing when they made it because it was not a major area of need. I hated it as it unfolded because Reid so badly botched the trade of Sheppard, and now they'd be lucky to get a box of chocolates for him.

No urgency

It would also have been nice if the team played with a sense of urgency when they took the ball for the last time with 3:48 (or something like that) left. Great clock management there.

Coming up 6 inches short as time expired was a wonderful metaphor for the season, the QB and the coach.