After four days of continuous adulation from students, faculty and everyone else on campus, the Villanova men's basketball team left last night for the airport and its trip to Detroit to participate in the NCAA Final Four.

Wildcats coach Jay Wright said the departure came at just the right time.

"I think we're ready to go on the road," he said. "I think we've enjoyed all the home cooking and accolades, but it's getting a little crazy around here right now.

"So I think the timing is perfect that we get on the road, and get to make this a little bit more of a business trip. I think they're ready for that."

The campus has been electric since Saturday night, when Scottie Reynolds' basket with less than one second to play propelled Villanova into the Final Four and the national semifinals against North Carolina.

Dwayne Anderson said he felt the Wildcats had handled the distractions pretty well.

"We're hearing everything with the Final Four," he said. "But as soon as we come into the locker room, it's back to just us. We still want to get better. So we're going to compete in practice as if we're playing just another game and not competing in the Final Four."

Acting like Tar Heels. Wright said it had been difficult trying to simulate the style and fast tempo of North Carolina in practice.

"You can re-create it, like on a made basket you can have an assistant coach on the sideline throwing the ball in," he said. "But you can't re-create Ty Lawson and you can't re-create [Tyler] Hansbrough. . . .

"If you're simulating something and you're creating habits of how to defend it but that's not how it's going to be in the game, you're really creating bad habits. So we just concentrate on what we do."

Wright said he realized it was going to take his team time to get used to the Tar Heels' tempo, but added, "I think once we get used to it, we're going to be OK."